The Ooievaar For Den Haag

Haags Rentevrij Geld is a new Alternative Currency initiative for The Hague, Netherlands. The client specified a number of criteria: first, the notes had to recall the banknote designs of the Netherlands prior to the adoption of the Euro, interpreted by the Dutch as a restoration of national identity. This meant that the notes had a vertical format, and the positioning of the denominations and watermark field were design constraints. Next, the notes had to feature the Stalk carrying a Snake – the symbol of The Hague. I designed a logo for this purpose, which is then used in all marketing materials for the Ooievaar project. Next, the notes had to feature striped colours green and yellow (The Hague flag). I found a different way to do this for each note – the 3 Ooievaar note, feature example, integrates the green and yellow stripes into the pitch of the Den Haag football stadium. All the notes feature people and places associated with The Hague – 3 features the stadium and players; 7 features the Gemeentemuseum, which houses Mondrian’s last work (also integrated into the design), and the 10 features Anouk, the singer from Den Haag.


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