Invisible Ultra Violet inks are the unexplored frontier of printmaking. Crypto = Hidden. UV inks are the perfect medium for expressing the unexplored frontier of finance: blockchain.

Commonplace on banknotes, invisible UV inks are integrated into many documents to secure them against counterfeiting. The ink is visible only under ultra violet light, and has a glowing beauty that is difficult to immitate.

Using his print knowledge gained in the banknote industry, Tom Badley makes use of these inks in ways never seen before...


The first experiment with these inks began in 2016. This print is a recreation of Hokusai's celebrated print 'The Great Wave'. The design is a mockup of what these inks would look like under UV light, integrated on a sheet of US Dollars. The background features a microtext design and a spiral of Dollar signs.

This work is called 'Dollar Wave' and exists as a limited edition digital print.


In this new version, created sepcially for the Ethereum blockchain, the Dollar signs have been replaced by a disco ball style revolving animation of Ethereum icons. This version is a celebration of the Ethereum ecosystem, and its ongoing applications, including crypto art. For many crypto artists, 2019 - the year of creation of this work - feels like a literal ‘Ether Wave’, as 2019 was the year in which new forms of creativity were solidified through Ethereum.

The title is also a play on words: EtherWave is suggestive of some micro-genre such as VaporWave and others, that Ethereum seems to uniquely inspire and feed into. Perhaps EtherWave is the name of a new art movement?

This gif artwork is available on - read more HERE.


Dollar Wave inspired further experiments with UV design, reaching new levels of visual complexity.


Dollar Wave (and other variations) are going to be printed in 2020. These prints will measure approximately 45cm x 45cm, printed in UV Invisible Inks, in a limited edition of only 10.

This physical artwork will be something that has NEVER BEEN ATTEMPTED BEFORE!!! - large format 4 colour invisible UV printing. The physical artwork will break new ground in print history.

If you would like to become a patron, please use the contact form below. Patrons will receive a physical print from this limited edition series at a heavy discount (aproximately 50%).

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