The Music Of Things

John Cage noted the musicality of Mushrooms. John Cage also found the natural musicality of a human at rest: the low tone of the circulatory… Read More »

Roman Lead

A fascinating proposition is that objects may not be physical, their volume diffuse rather than localised. That there exists, and always has existed, a measure… Read More »


I remember the day they told me I could go home. I’d been there so long I couldn’t remember how to get there, or what… Read More »


Long pause WOMAN: Things like this, they are beautiful but…they don’t really…they’re just imposing really aren’t they. You don’t nesercerilly enjoy them more than anywhere… Read More »

Chaucer Poem

Lo these days of lakkyng governaunce, Mankynde himself his soul emcombraunce, But yonde this age of unlykly rot, Remember now what shullen be forgot; Al… Read More »