Ten Digix Gold Certificate (Kanye West)


Digix ‘Gold Certificate’, printed in ultra high resolution black and green intaglio, with gold foil.

Another example of archaic US-style currency design, mixed with contemporary themes and subject.

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This ‘gold certificate’ was originally printed in a limited run of just 50 individully serial numbered notes. It is used to certify digital transactions of gold-backed goods, sold by artist Tom Badley, as a physical certificate of ownership.

Important: notes not used for gold transactions will be stamped with the word VOID over the serial numbers on the front, and in the blank space on the back.


This very limited edition design is printed in high resolution intaglio black and green ink. It uses familiar motifs in US currency, and US gold numismatics – the iconic Lady Liberty head, liberty flame, as well as the usual format of modern US bills. The Kanye West portrait is hand-engraved.

Why Kanye West? Why not?


This version of the design is printed in an initial run of 50. Only 50 will ever be printed of this initial series, althought future versions may be printed with some modifications.

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