Kanye West 100 Dai Sheet


Engraving and letterpress on security paper
32cm x 14cm
1/9 Uniquely serial numbered pieces

Sent flat

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This is a test print for a larger artwork, originally exhibited in a show in London in 2020, at the Bloombury Art Gallery, curated by Sascha Bailey.

It features authentic banknote design and intalgio printing – one of the main print processes used in banknote production. Intalgio is a slightly raised print, giving a banknote texture. It is almost impossible to copy, even to this day, and so has become a standard feature of paper money.

The design is printed on watermarked security paper with embedded UV fibres and an intricate invisible design that is only visible under UV light. The UV design can be faintly seen, as some of the intaglio ink catches it.

The design features an original engraving of Kanye West.