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An iconic banknote design like no other, capturing a moment in history, with an icon of Americana – US currency design. Unique.

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This is an uncut sheet of 8 notes of the iconic trump bill. It is printed in ultra high resolution raised printing on both sides. Only three sheets were printed with a red back, and only this one remains uncut.

It has been designed and created COMPLETELY OUTSIDE of the secretive world of money printing. Printing currency is extremely technical – with specialized printing, graphic design and other secretive processes. Many elements are drawn by hand – includng every line and dot of the portrait. These features are CANNOT BE IMMITATED with commercially available printing, making this artwork almost impossible to counterfeit.

The darker areas of the note – the portrait on the front and surrounding text and border, are printed using an artisan intaglio technique – a process that is similar to REAL CURRENCY. Intaglio is a centuries old art form in itself, perfected to a level of precision that rivals the quality of real money…


The front features the 45th President of the United States, with familiar iconography. The back of the notes are celebrations of US currency’s iconic ‘greenbacks’. Originating from the American Civil War, the green colour of US paper money has been retained to the present, and is an American icon in itself.

The back design shows a side portrait of Donald Trump – hand engraved – surrounded by a quote from a speech made for the 2016 election, that still rings true today. Either side, are numismatic portraits of Eisenhower and Kennedy, with their quotes that relate to ‘the swamp’.

The design is filled with minute details and hidden messages – some can only be seen with a magnifying glass.


This is not the kind of cheap ‘banknote’ seen for sale on Amazon. These are designed and printed by hand, rich in a story that will be told for generations. Each note is individually serial numbered in two places, with unique alpha numeric identifiers.

Out of 13 uncut sheets, this is the only one that is printed in RED on the back – unique.

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