A unique, handcrafted, limited edition artwork that captures a incredible moment in history.

This paper banknote has been crafted using the same processes as genuine banknote production, by a qualified banknote designer! This is rare outside of the money-printing industry. This level of production value is being made available to create a limited edition artwork like no other...

This artwork has been made using the same processes as the Dollars in your pocket - these specialist techniques are known only to the banknote industry, and are whjat makes currency so difficult to counterfeit.

This limited edition artwork is a triumph of privately-issued independently designed currency

The portrait has been hand engraved - every line, dot and dash has been placed by hand, in a similar method to US banknotes.

Areas of the note are tactile

Ultra High resolution

The notes are printed on watermarked security paper, embedded with fibres that are visible under Ultra Violet light.

A secret image is only visible under Ultra Violet light

Each note is uniquely serial numbered...

Each note is uniquely serial numbered...

A limited edition of ONLY 500 pieces of each

The back design... - 4 incredible, hand engraved scenes...

The Deep State Scene: Numismatic profile portraits of John F Kennedy and Donald J Trump, along with quotes by both, referring to the Deep State.

The Signing of Exective Order 13838 Scene: Trump signs Exective Order 13838, suirrounded by (left to right) x, x, x, x, x, x, x, among others.

The Space Force [George Washington's Vision] Scene: The Space Force logo appears to the left, surrounded by angels. To the right, an original engraving based on American painter Anold Friberg's 1975 work. The scene is accompanied by a quote attributed to George Washington, telling of his vision given to him by an angelic being at Valley Forge in 1777. The vision is considered phrophetic of the future of the United States. The third and final part of Washington's vision is interpreted as the Space Force decending to land, and accompany the inhabotants of the United States to beat a common enemy.


Everyone has seen the cheap Trump 'banknotes' selling on Amazon. They're digitally printed, easy to reproduce, and uninspiring.

Limited Edition: Each design will be HAND PRINTED in a limited edition of just 500 - only 500 notes of each design will EVER creeated. The first 50 of each design have been reserved for museums and private collections, leaving 450 available to the public. Presale: The next 150 notes of each design will be available in a Pre-Sale, beginning in April 2020. During the presale, the notes will be sold at a discounted price of $150. After the pre-sale is finished, the price will be raised to $250, and will increase in price as stock begins to fall.

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