A Superhero To Do List

1. Invent free energy

2. Repair genetic damage

3. Create a zero waste society

4. Invent non-invasive medical procedures

5. Create viable electric grid from direct current

6. Develop technology to live automonously in any environment

7. Develop a code of Responsible Science, with regards to AI, genetics and time travel

8. Build a definitive history of the planet

9. Build a definitive history of the galaxy

10. Comprehend the Sun’s multidimensional function

11. Re-instigate checks and balances on government

12. Introduce a system of practical self-governance

13. Write a guidebook and dealing with and expressing sovereignty

14. Quantum understanding of Human physiology

15. Develop remote viewing and quantum access

16. Resolve Human inconsistencies in expectation. self trust and self worth


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