My work combines fine art and design – I answer to both Artist and Designer, but never neither. Either way, my work is heavily informed by the techniques of security document design – i.e. the design of paper money… but also any piece of paper or plastic that you don’t want to be copied easily – ID, certificates, stamps, and of course, banknotes.

The banknote is the Gesamtkunstwerk of both graphic art and design, because it combines everything: pattern, portraiture, typography, …even 3D design. It is highly technical, requiring multiple print processes (intaglio, screenprint, lithography, letterpress), and multiple skillsets.

Banknote design is my base, and it’s the language I use to express my ideas.

My portfolio has now grown so large and diverse, that I’ve decided to showcase only a handful of works. The rest of my ongoing output can be found on various social media platforms.

Below, you’ll find six personal projects that I feel makes a good introduction to my work, with deeper explanation of my process…