Graduating from the Slade School of Fine Art, London, and attending the Cooper Union School, New York, Tom has a lifelong interest in art and money. This interest led to working in the banknote industry as a designer. Among only a handful of qualified banknote designers, Tom uses these little-known techniques in his work. It was inevitable that Tom would enter the world of NFTs, which he uses as a medium to meditate on the intersection of art and money...



A journey through art, money, design and culture, told from a the unique perspective on a cryptoartist, ART & MONEY is a index of everything connected with the art and design of money.

Starting from January 2023, pre-orders are now open, with distribution expected in Q1.


Niftybills takes the form of what look like banknote designs of yesteryear, featuring memes, avatars and humans familiar to crypto and digital culture.The idea is simple enough. The execution of the idea is the magic…


A family of five artworks - each mixes classicism, touchpoints of the Ethereum brand, and takes the form of an archaic bond certificate with a guilloche border. Each features a large central engraving of a classical figure.

The story behind the artworks came from the artists' continuing exploration of the brand of cryptocurrency, the aesthetics of banknote design, and ultimately, Tom Badley's central question: how do we as Humans come to value things?

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Cryptoart / NFTs / digital assets / philosophy / art history / current events & more...

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