An Artist Profile

2006 Cooper Union Exchange Program, New York 2004 – 2008 Slade School of Fine Art, London 2003 – 2004 Leeds Foundation College, Leeds
Selected Exhibitions
2010 Tom Badley, Tenderpixel Gallery, London (solo)
2009 Cathode Ray Mission, Waterside Project Space, London
2009 Tom Badley, Rokeby Gallery, London (solo)
2009 Threadneedle Prize Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2009 The Earth Not a Globe, Rokeby Gallery, London
2009 Mistakes, Papa B Studios, New York
2008 Best In Show, John Jones Project Space, London
2008 Ex, Leeds College, Leeds
2008 The Tomorrow People, Elevator Gallery, London
2008 A Stain Upon The Silence, Central St.Martins, London
2006 Leftovers, Cooper Union, New York
2006 Framed (as part of Node. London), Woburn Research Space, London 2005 Interim Show, Woburn Research Space, London
2004 Festival, S1 Space, London
Selected Screenings
2010 Serpentine Gallery New Music Action: Phyllida Barlow And Friends, Cafe Oto, London 2007 Omsk, Omsk Screening Space, London
2006 Aural Fixation IV, Wollman Auditorium, New York
2006 Report, The Earth, Trial Pit Cinema, Stroud, UK
Selected Lectures/Performances
2010 Art After the Apocalypse, The Anti-Design Festival, London (Curated by Neville Brody) 2010 The Holographic Principle, Tate Britain, London
2008 Will And Theresa Draw Tom, Woburn Research Space, London
Broadcast/In Print
2010 Seamless Breakage (Self-Published)
2008 Interview, Elevator Gallery Podcast
2007 Framed, two hour satellite show (editor), Resonance FM 2006 Slots, fortnightly hour show, (presenter, editor), Rare FM
2008 Works for Organ
2006 Immaculate Psychology, as Club Diamond 2004 The Woodlands Road EP, as Club Diamond 2003 The Dusty Suite, as Club Diamond
2002 Facade, as Club Diamond
2001 Welcome to…, as Club Diamond
Artist Statement
1Aramaic, meaning ‘twin’. 2 “Tom, Dick and Harry”, pertaining to anyone in particular , ‘ T om’ represents a ‘fragment of anyone’. Tom is then a paradox, being both a twin of another and equally the other twin of the original. 3 From Brewer’s Phrase and F able: T om o’ Bedlam – a beggar who levies charity on the plea of insanity; T om F arthing – a born fool, fond of practical jokes; Tom Thumb – a man cut short or stinted of his fair proportions.
1 Misspelling of ‘badly’. Self-referential as it is ‘a badly spelt version of that which is badly done’. An artistic equivalent would be to take an accident, misspelling , mistake or glitch, and re-appropriate it as something purposeful and intended. See also: Dance To The Music of Time (Nicolas Poussin); The Large Glass (Duchamp); T ravelling Salesman (Richard Prince).


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