BANANAS Part II: Evolution

  1. Victimhood – to the play the victim. The flip side of the victimhood impulse is vengeance – to lash out in retribution. Both impulses are well engrained in Humanity. From organized religion, to secular culture, victimhood and vengeance have been woven into Human societal organisation, behaviour and art. These impulses manifest in situations as diverse as the people on the planet: judgement, chastisement, pity, self-flagellation – all of which can either be externalised onto others, or internalised and projected on the self. The goal posts between normal behaviour, and what Human scientists declare to be a ‘personality disorder’ are always being moved, to accommodate and normalise greater escalations of victimhood and vengeance.
  2. Evolution – the accepted Human theory of evolution is correct in its naivety; insofar as genetic makeup evidences evolutionary progress. However, nature is more elegant and multitudinous than the linear mind can comprehend. There are multiple influences acting on DNA. Adaptive influences are too slow to account for nature’s instantaneous moments of evolution. The true determinant of evolution is thought itself. Thought is the primary and indivisible generator of experience, and the motion of thought thinking upon itself motivates the building blocks of the physical world through membranes across dimensions, apart from, and unfettered by, linear time. This allows evolutionary change to be instantaneous. Creatures disappear and reappear in the fossil record, instantaneously, in defiance of linear genetic adaptation.
  3. Evolutionary Moment – a significant physical motivator of evolutionary change is the procession of an intense disc of plasma and light that bisects the entire galaxy. The dung beetle uses the light of the Milky Way as guidance through the desert; it is not hard to acknowledge that unfathomable super structures such as the galaxy influence minutiae on Earth… Star systems cross this disc every 11,000 years. In real terms, this disc is composed of light, which is then absorbed by the telomeres of the genome – Human or otherwise. Thought, in the form of light (which is frequency… information), is being accumulated by the Human genome, carrying instructions for its material change. This change is slowly underway, today. The phenomenon is preceded by a predictable period of societal chaos. The chaos is being instigated from multiple fronts, each with their own agenda. Some chaos is internal, leading individuals to question their environments and selfhood. Some chaos is being instigated in preparation, to suit a specific agenda. These preparations are quite real, and the many points of contention in motion today have a specific purpose with regards to these agendas, all in preparation for a significant evolutionary change. The apparent political changes in motion are being presented to the public in a way that fits with what has gone before, but in reality, the purpose behind these changes is entirely ‘new’. The final destination of this change is in contradiction to habitual Human culture of the last 11,000 years. This contradiction causes irrevocably broken narratives and a loss of faith, as the new light/information cannot fit into the narrowly defined culture, as it has been designed.
  4. Speed of Thought – the genetic change will allow a greater capacity for the speed of thought, and so linear experienced ‘time’ between a thought and its manifestation will decrease rapidly. Our period of societal chaos is accompanied by a feeling of ‘time speeding up’, with too little time in which to squeeze tasks onto a linear calendar. In reality, it is thought that is speeding up, and lived experience is reflecting this elevated speed. There are phenomena as varied as individual experience to accompany this feeling – all defy the explanations and expectations of Human culture, as it has existed for the last 11,000 years. The personal chaos of each individual life is evidence of the speed of thought, which reveals with greater intensity the precise direction of one’s intent. Many arrive here, and quickly leave, because they are not prepared to live in a world where thought is rapidly speeding up, where one’s thoughts are matched so readily by lived experience. This poses a problem for increasing numbers of young people… One is forgiven for suggesting that this process is purely external – smart phones, social media, more distractions etc. – But these are all phenomena of an increase in thought. These tools of distraction can only be used by a Humanity that is sufficiently ‘up to speed’. These external tools of faster communication were all, at one point, *thought* into existence… [wink]
  5. Nature’s Failsafe – in an evolutionary moment, as in the one we’re experiencing, there are two roads – one is for that which evolves, one for that which cannot. The ‘splitting’ of the world is a much-prophesized phenomenon, where one portion of Humanity evolves, and one does not. A reference is made in most ‘holy books’ for this phenomenon. It is misinterpreted as an externalised higher power’s judgement. In truth, each individual’s thought is the deciding factor for the road in which they travel… As the speed of thought increases, one’s impulses deliver lived experience with greater expediency, accuracy and synchronicity. Victimhood, and vengeance, in this regard, lead to DEATH. Taken to their logical extreme, an individual’s self-pity and self-flagellation inevitably lead to self-destruction. The same for vengeance. How should this occur? The variants of how an individual chooses to destroy themselves, or destroy others, is as varied as Human imagination allows… this phenomenon has already become quite the talking point and has entered well into cultural awareness. The excessive, illogical impulse to take offence at words, regardless of their intent; calls to arms against things that pose no threat; excessive judgements; public meltdowns; ‘triggering’… etc. etc. etc. The failsafe of nature is that those who are too clouded in the Victimhood and Vengeance impulses are only allowed to continue their journey up to a point. In real terms, light is entering Human DNA, speeding up thought, which is running into the contradictions of Human culture. This is not to say that Victim/Vengeance impulses are the single deciding factor in the evolution of the individual – there is a way of life, a diet, and way of medicating oneself that allows for easy passage through the time of chaos (that is to say, these things allow easy genetic change to accommodate the incoming light). It is important to note, that the status quo way of life, the status quo diet, and the status quo medication does not allow for easy genetic change: they prevent it.
  6. Ideology – Human culture has been ill prepared to accommodate the elevated speed of thought. Victimhood and Vengeance have been sown at every corner the Human being turns. One source of expressed Victimhood and Vengeance is liberal ideology. This is an umbrella term for socialism, feminism, environmentalism, multiculturalism. Liberal ideology has been the delivery system for the continuation of organised religion’s same impulses. Each flavour of ideology follows the same pattern: each seeks to redress a very real imbalance; in each case, the early adopters were usurped, bought out, or created by an established class who wished to control the narrative; each ideology was purposefully created around a kernel of victimhood or vengeance. Knowing that Human beings would never figure out how their natural desire for equality and social justice could be manipulated in this way, these ideologies have easily influenced and appropriated government policy, further engraining victimhood and vengeance into Human society. The V/V impulses within socialism, feminism, environmentalism, and multiculturalism are for the interested reader to seek out. As indicators, the reader is advised to look closely as to what influences are given a voice and platform in culture, and to make choices with regards to their personal conviction. Currently: there is an individual, a child with a particular form of mental disorder, who has been given quite a prominent voice at institutions such as the United Nations. Ask: what is the intent? Why is this scenario being shown to you? Do not limit your understanding of the world by assuming that all intent is simple and logical and purely financial… Look at other examples of social movements, and police their words and actions – sometimes the V/V impulse is explicit, sometimes it is subtle. Those who proudly wear the banner of these ideologies are quite innocently limiting their selfhood and turning away from true self-empowerment. It is important to note the erroneous Human assumption that “power is force”, and “resistance and effort are necessary for change”. Both assumptions underpin much ideology and have infected Human’s ability to claim an empowered position. It is better to think of ‘empowerment’ as being in the harmonious flow of nature, which is self-correcting and incomprehensibly vast in its elegance. It is better to transcend than change. Change is rearrangement of existing ‘deck chairs’… Transcendence brings something entirely new. Your Human evolutionary obligation is to transcend.
  7. The Art World – The art world has taken liberal ideology at face value, insofar as assuming that their aims are legitimate and that there is no conspiracy in their formation. The assumption that these ideologies are positive and correct has influenced what is called ‘art criticism’. Art criticism is an intellectual dissemination of art and the theories associated with art. It builds philosophical rumination into its assumptions, to the point of abstraction. Young artists prepped by political correctness – which is the everyday form of liberal ideology – and seeking relevance in their art- are exposed to and influenced by the philosophical rumination of art critics and philosophers. In turn, collectors and gallerists who have also been influenced by the same ideology choose art that most accords to it. This cycle nixes out outliers – those who would question the status quo of liberal ideology. Where is the evidence for this? I recommend a trip to the modern art gallery – is what you’re seeing underpinned by Victimhood or Vengeance? It is sometimes explicit; it is sometimes subtle. This phenomenon is most explicit in art that is made under the heading of a political movement. If you have eyes that see, you will find Victimhood and Vengeance in abundance at the gallery. A VERY subtle form of victimhood is conceptual art’s tendency towards a rejection of craft and clear meaning. Two things are being rejected here: 1) Human potential 2) the inherent meaning of all things. This rejection is for further discussion… needless to say, this tendency is deeply disempowering and reinforces a multitude of bad assumptions about Human selfhood – the idea that Human life is limited by nihilism, meaninglessness and stupidity; this intellectual position has been propagated to match escalating sources of depression, autism and moral decline. It is no accident that conceptual art began at a time that plasticizers and hormone shifting compounds where first added to municipal water supplies. Such compounds create a disposition that easily accommodates the intellectual propositions of conceptual art of the last 70 years. The purposeful degradation in genetic quality of Humanity is for further discussion – for now we can say that efforts to cause genetic manipulation are for one purpose – to prevent or curtail the Human DNA’s ability to accept light. If such an agenda can be justified at every level, whereby all intellectual, psychological, physiological, societal, financial, artistic and ideological reasoning are all in accordance, it is easier for Humans to justify and defend this agenda. Status quo liberal ideology, and all outcrops of nihilism and existentialism, given a ‘friendly face’ by conceptual art, all serve to reinforce a disempowering intellectual disposition that opens the door to victimhood, based on the self-pity of Human inferiority; if the highest paid artist is also the most autistic, it serves to normalise autism and human inferiority. I repeat: even in the art gallery, this phenomenon can be very subtle and so misread as innocent coincidence. Meaning is indeed everywhere; there are no coincidences. Nature’s true currency is genetics and the Human being is incomprehensibly valuable in this regard, unbeknown to Humanity itself. Human DNA and its evolution are at stake at every turn, even the art gallery. I know what I have just written. Yet, all possible investigation ends at this conclusion.
  8. Self-Responsibility – the antidote to impulses of Victimhood and Vengeance is the impulse towards Self Responsibility: to choose to be unconditionally responsible for oneself, without seeking the approval of an external power. This surging impulse has been latent in Humanity and has manifested in the modern era as ‘self-development’ and all manner of acts of independence – the rise in home businesses, entrepreneurship, and the urgent need to improve one’s self. Again, external tools, such as the internet, are not merely tracks that are laid down to accommodate greater self-responsibility; the proliferation of the web (and web-based parallel monetary systems *wink*) is an intricate part of the formula to a more connected, expedient, and self-determined life. …Self-Development and Self Determination are opposed to ideology, and vice versa. Just as V/V prevents access to high maturity, because it quickly tends towards self-destruction, Self-Responsibility allows for passage and elevation through higher levels of maturity evolution. A now much talked about ’secret’, is the property of thought to influence manifested reality. This acknowledgement in culture is evidence that a lane is being created to pass into high maturity, to evolve into real Human Beings, when individuals are responsible to the point that they own and acknowledge full responsibility for their individual realities, and accept the heavy burden of responsibility in their ability to change their realities, based on their thought patterns. This is the basis of high maturity, built primarily on self-responsibility of thought, intent, then action and experienced reality.
  9. Roadmap – it is expected that Humanity will make not one but two distinct ‘jumps’ of maturity evolution, and corresponding telomeric DNA expansion. The factors influencing this are multifaceted. Needless to say, such a leap in evolution has never been seen before. The first ‘jump’ – we are beginning this today. Its early stages are accompanied by total breakdown of Human common sense, disarray, dismay, confusion, disbelief, pandemics, hysterical and gruesome acts of violence, the breaking of dammed water, increased volcanic and tectonic activity, wild fluctuations in electromagnetism etc (the Earth and Humanity are symbiotic and reflect their shared disposition). The second ‘jump’ takes place in relative societal calm and acceptance. In this case, children – those with least genetic aberrations – will phase in and out of the new reality and report back to the adults what they saw, and in time, take them with. The phenomenon is not unlike pets, who are surrounded by adult Humans, and learn to express Human emotions in limited form – boredom, schadenfreude, grief – and then pass these emotions onto their own offspring. The keystone of this new reality is the full integration of the idea that lived experience is a direct reflection of thought, and the self-responsibility, self-trust, sincerity, self-esteem and clarity of intent that must accompany such a realisation rebirths Human society, leaving no space for V/V impulses, and all forms of resistance to one’s true place and multitudinous selfhood in the universe at large.
  10. Art of High maturity – the art that remains, the art that endures: art made from a place of self-responsibility; acknowledging the Human power to create and infinite Human potential, through sincere, artful manipulations of form. Freedom from dogma, victimhood and vengeance; freedom from the erroneous assumptions of religion, science and ideology, and their limitations placed on selfhood. Art of high maturity is crafted, in the knowledge that it holds value in its Humanity.


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