Celebrity Death

You can meet a celebrity, and be amazed by how small they are in real life – the avatar is ‘bigger’ than the physical container. A person is a person is a person. But a person’s fame is not part of their personhood – it’s an avatar created by a group focus. Every time we hear a song, sing along, utter a star’s name or see it written, our focus is directed towards them and feeds the stars’ avatar. If you were to lay out all the avatars currently being maintained by our group focus, you would have a qualitative map of human culture’s energetic focus.

The type, direction and velocity of our collective focus is measured by the anthology of avatars we create – the hall of fame. When a star dies, it impacts the topology of this map, and our focus is redirected elsewhere. By looking at the changing terrain of the energetic map, you would get a sense of where humanity is at; a reflection of humanity’s changing relationship with itself.

The death of an avatar is significant, because it shows what ideals, states of being and personalities are being shed from humanity’s consciousness, in order to make room for the new.

Music is a case in point. A musician may be brilliant, but their work may only have a small psychic relevance to humanity, despite their talent and their devoted fans. I don’t judge, but I would guess that most classical music has a far greater psychic impact because it’s format and essence are detached from the culture of the day, allowing it to come from somewhere eternal and essential. The harmonies and polyphony of J.S.Bach contain geometry, pattern, and order that is as old at the Universe itself. J.S.Bach is heard throughout the Universe. On the other hand, I like Prince (the artist formally known as), but Prince’s music references a culture and a way of being that is so tiny and specific, it doesn’t carry.

The other elements of personhood is the physical container, and the soul. The soul animates and motivates the physical container, not the other way round. The soul ‘chooses’ when to leave, and then the body expires – not the other way round. The body doesn’t arbitralily fail, which allows the soul to ‘escape’ – the disease starts as an agreement made in another physicality, long before it becomes observable in our physicality. This is the process of natural death.


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