From a fine art background, through the world's most secretive design and print techniques, Tom Badley makes the product that buys all products: money.

What is money? Money is love, fear, greed, life... money is the mirror of Humanity. Tom Badley specializes in the graphic and print techniques that are the public-facing brand of our financial system.

"I've had a lifelong interest in art and money. The two were always inseparable for me. Art is a way of doing things and money permits things to be done - they are elemental in our world. I use art as a way of meditating on value, trust, and Human potential. It was inevitable that I would use cryptocurrency as a major source of inspiration. As a new form of money, I believe it reflects our own evolution. My work has easily migrated to the world of NFTs - which is really the best synthesis of art and money. Whatever the form of money in use, I want to keep evolving my practice to capture the latest trends in print, finance and art technology. Whilst I have great respect for traditional processes, I'm excited to make use of the latest technology, particularly in programming and AI."


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Version: December, 2022

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