Long pause
WOMAN: Things like this, they are beautiful but…they don’t really…they’re just imposing really aren’t they. You don’t nesercerilly enjoy them more than anywhere else, its just that…(trails off).
Long pause
Very long silence
WOMAN: Sleepy.
(long silence)
WOMAN: What are you doing?
MAN: Just making notes.
WOMAN: About what?
MAN: (Just…don’t know…muffled)
(very long silence)
WOMAN: What’s…what you writing?
MAN: Just…stuff, just stuff –
WOMAN: cuts in: I want to know.
MAN: I don’t know, I can only say when I’ve finished.
(long silence)
WOMAN: Really wanted to take you into this bit of the castle that’s old.
MAN: Uh huh.
WOMAN: And now it all looks new, the back looks like it’s older, its really nice.
(long silence)
MAN: Finishes writing, puts the notebook on the table. Hm? Smiles awkwardly
WOMAN: Just want to know what you’re thinking that’s all.
MAN: Everything-: (muffled)
MAN: Just things.
WOMAN: Are you going to share them?
MAN: No. smiles.
WOMAN: Is it secret?
Shakes is head
WOMAN: Is it because I’m depressing you?
MAN: Hm?
WOMAN: Is it because I’m depressing you?
MAN: Why are you depressing me? Or why do you think that?
WOMAN: Because of how I act.
MAN: It’s not depressing. pause Why do you think it would?
WOMAN: Because…I wasn’t very nice to you, and I think…I like you and…and I think that you um… well you might think I’m just rude really.
WOMAN: You might feel bad about yourself or…you might think that I’m trying to make you feel bad…I don’t know.
MAN: Hm. Why do you think that?
WOMAN: Because of the phone conversation.
Long pause
WOMAN: You know when you’re really tired and your head just feels really dizzy and…
MAN: Hm.
WOMAN: Sometimes I get a bit…funny about things.
MAN: Funny about what things?
WOMAN: Well if I wake up quite early…but I’m…you know…looking forward to doing something and it goes wrong, it probably effects me more than if I was awake. You know, kind of…just get really…you just overreact really don’t you.
MAN: So what went wrong?
WOMAN: Hm? We talked about it before didn’t we?
Short Puase
MAN: What went wrong?
WOMAN: Well you said that you couldn’t come till later because you had to do your filing.
MAN: Mm.
Short Pause
MAN: Hm Hm?
WOMAN: -And I just got a bit annoyed because…I was tired and…(shrugs) that’s all.
MAN: Are you still tired?
WOMAN: A bit.
MAN: Are you still annoyed?
MAN: No?
WOMAN: I’m annoyed with myself and…(trails off)
Long Pause.
MAN: Oh well. These things happen I guess.
Short Puase.
WOMAN: You can understand why I was getting miffed though?
MAN: Hm?
WOMAN: You know why I was a bit miffed.
Short Pause.
MAN: Because you were tired.
WOMAN: Yeah but also…because I thought you just…well I’ve already said it anyway…can we forget about it now?
Short Pause
WOMAN: Sorry.
Short Pause
MAN: Its just a little thing.
Short Pause.
MAN: Sometimes they’re hard to ignore though.
WOMAN: I think I was just annoyed because you know I…really…you know when you just make an effort to get up at the right time and…all this stuff and…
MAN: Hm.
WOMAN: And you only do it for that person, you don’t do it for yourself and…you know, you really want to do the thing…so you just change your plans for the thing…so if then they…if then it sort of changes so…(MAN: Hm)
MAN: Nothing was changed…it just worked out that I slept till twelve. Doesn’t meant I meant to sleep til twelve. Doesn’t mean it was predetermined, that I was going to sleep to twelve and fuck up your plans.
WOMAN: No, no…
MAN: Hm?
WOMAN: Yeah, obviously. (silence) Can you smell curry?
MAN: Nope.
(very long silence)
WOMAN: You know I think I was just…you know…because you overslept I was like ‘ok well, I can still come’ but then…when you said ‘oh actually I’ve got stuff to do’ I was like…I thought ‘oh right, it must be pretty urgent then’…and when it wasn’t I thought ‘oh right…ok’…just struck me a bit odd, as a bit odd, that’s why.
MAN: What do you mean ‘a bit odd’?
WOMAN: Well, if I’d said to someone ‘lets meet up for lunch’…and then…they wo-
MAN: -They would have said yes or no.
WOMAN: Yeah-
MAN: -Hm hm.
WOMAN:-And then I said…the next day…’oh actually, I’m really sorry I’ve just overslept and I’ve got loads to do’. Like, fair enough that’s…a good excuse but then I said ‘oh what’s that then’ and they said ‘oh just…stuff they didn’t actually really need to do, at that moment in time…you’d feel a bit-
MAN: -well yeah I mean…,you don’t need to do anything, I mean…at any moment in time really…nothing’s sort of so pressing…unless its-
WOMAN: -well sometimes it is. If you had to…fil-
MAN: – buy a birthday present.
WOMAN: (angry sigh) Yeah so it’s obviously me that’s making things difficult isn’t it, by wanting to buy my best friend a birthday present.
MAN: Didn’t say that.
WOMAN: If can’t understand how its slightly annoying then there’s not really much point in us going through it, might as well just forget about it.
MAN: Of course I can understand, I said I was sorry.
WOMAN: Don’t remember that.
MAN: Yeah I said on the phone.
WOMAN: (sigh)
(silence: Man picks up the book a flicks through)
MAN: Which is your favourite one?
WOMAN: Don’t know. I like loads of them.
Short Pause
MAN: Really love ‘The Generous Gambler’
Short Pause
MAN: It’s somewhere round here.
Short pause So good. silence Yeah this one.
WOMAN: Hm? (Man hands the book over)
Long Pause (Woman reads)
WOMAN: That’s really like…the foundation of his ideas, I think.
MAN: How do you mean?
WOMAN: Like those ideas that you can see, there’s loads of them in here.
MAN: Hm hm.
Long Puase


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