Dominos Of Truth

There’s Truth, with a big T, and truth with a small t. Truth (big T) is the ultimate Truth – the true origins of the universe, life and consciousness. Truth (with a small T) concerns the truth of anything within our physical sphere of influence. The ultimate Truth is far beyond our sphere of influence – the best we can do is speculate and keep and open mind, no matter what anyone says. On the other hand, the truth of anything within our sphere of influence requires our immediate attention. It is our responsibility to determine what’s what within that sphere. The punchline is… Our individual sphere of influence is growing exponentially, and to such an extent, that it is leading us to Truth, with a big T.

Greater awareness enlarges our sphere of influence, which then brings more awareness. This is why we say that truth is like toothpaste – once it’s out, it can’t be put back. Once the light has switched on, its almost in impossible to switch it off. Truth, left to its own devices, is one way. Of course, you always have freewill – you can choose to not acknowledge the truth. But you’ll pay an emotional and energetic price for that withdrawal. In order to choose to deny the truth once it’s out, you’ll have to apply exponentially more effort in order block out truth. It’s natural and healthier, to accept the truth as soon as you hear it. But, freewill is freewill.

So, our spheres of influence are growing in a self-perpetual movement. Given that everything within that sphere is our responsibility, so too is our responsibility and empowerment growing.

Where is this leading?

Our awareness is growing to encompass the full situation of our life on this planet. Ok, so what? This would be non-news, were it not for the fact that the truth – on THIS planet – has been actively withheld, and the reality most people think is real, is completely false. As our awareness of reality increases, we can expect certain milestones to permeate our cultures, as the false reality falls away. We’ve already been given a taste of this in 2016. Events like Brexit and Trump produced a cognitive dissonance that some people are finding very difficult to overcome. The reason this cognitive dissonance exists, is that their expectations of reality have been built on falsehood, instead of truth. And the reason people are finding it difficult to overcome, is because we haven’t been trained to take responsibility for our own emotions – our pattern has been to blame someone else. We are being asked to take greater responsibility.

More cognititve dissonance is coming. 2016 was just a taste. In order to cope with the changes, we’ll need to change our expectations of the reality we live in, and take ever greater responsibility for ourselves and our world. A lot will be asked of us in the coming years.

One way that might help, is to have a ‘map’ ahead of time, so that as each domino falls, you’ll be expecting it. I present these milestones below in the order I think they’ll occur. Remember – our awareness grows in proportion to our responsibility within our spheres of influence. Each new ‘truth’ necessitates a new, greater ‘responsibIlity’. Think of these are cultural tests. Here are the FIRST 10 milestones of our awareness and responsibility (…there are many more)….

1. Media
Truth: We will discover how manipulated and manipulative the media is, and its purpose as a means of distraction and provocation.
Responsibility: learn the art of discernment; understand the mechanics of subversion and readily know when and how a trick is being played. Take an interest in the history and science of propaganda and know how the same science is applied today. Be your own researcher and be prepared to admit that you don’t know, before being suckered in by emotion and intrigue. Turn away from information gathering, and make space for quiet introspection and intuition.

2. Politics
Truth: we will understand how the political process truly works, and how democracy has been a facade to placate the gullible people.
Responsibility: take an active role in the political process. Become civically aware and understand the founding documents of liberty. Enforce these documents on anyone in office and cast an ever-present, critical eye on the activities, words, interests and company of any politician.

3. Child Abuse
Truth: we will discover the true extent of the ritual abuse, torture, murder and cannibalization of children by an elite class, as a tool of misanthropic/transhumanist control.
Responsibility: elevate the status of children as the most precious aspect of human culture.

4. Monarchy and Religion
Truth: we will understand that monarchies and priesthoods are facades for a ruling class, that considers itself a seperate civilization from the rest of humanity. We will understand that these families have influenced industry, media and politics by proxy, and have had a hand in every aspect of human culture, by proxy. The narratives of religion will be shattered by disolussionment, when archeological discoveries are made that prove that the major religions are nothing but myths and silly rituals.

5. Energy
Truth: we will find out that some scientific discoveries as far back at the 19th century have been withheld and the proof altered, so that the recent history of science formed two divergent paths: one path that was shared with the people, and one path that went underground. We will discover that these scientific discoveries led to, among other things, the development of technology that would have made fossil fuels obsolete, and would have satisfied the energy needs of the planet, without cost or pollution. We will gain an awareness of the true function of the energy market, which is to create artificial scarcity.
Responsibility: familiarise yourself with the methods of building devices that give free energy. Share this knowledge with everyone; write this engineering knowledge into every school curriculum, so that no human will ever want for fuel.

6. Food and Medicine
Truth: we will understand that modern medicine is a complete scam, as a poor counterfiet at best, for the healing properties of natural materials. We will understand that the food and pharmaceutical industries have knowingly

Responsibility: learn how to grow food and medicinal plants.

7. Genetics
Truth: we will come to understand that the human genome has been manipulated. We will also understand that the ‘junk DNA’ bigoted scientists refer to, once unlocked through frequency, will activate latent abilities in human beings.
Responsibility: know that DNA is the most valuable material thing you can own – it is your heritage and future. See nature as ultimately harmonious, and something that cannot be improved upon, unless it is done with the intent of helping nature. Criminalise any genetic manipulation – accidental or purposeful – and outlaw any product that has a genetic impact of any living thing.

8. Space
Truth: we will find out that not only are we not alone, but intelligent life with high-technology has preceded modern human culture by millions of years, and the galaxy is teeming with a never-ending diversity of lifeforms, worlds, cultures, technologies and sciences. We will understand that many things we think are natural phenomena are in fact artificial satelites, advanced navigation systems, and retrofitted asteroids and planets that can be steered and change course. We will all come to understand that interaction between human and a long list of off-world groups has been ongoing for a long time, has has taken many forms, for many reasons.

Responsibility: develop protocols of engagement with off-worlders.

9. Human History
Truth: having learnt about life beyond our world, we will quickly understand how human history has been shaped by interactions with off-worlders, and that many of the human paradoxes and prejudices of today exist because of conflicting influences from multiple off-world groups.

10. Spirituality
Truth: we will understand that the self is multidimensional, that all humans have a quantum field, a soul, which is infinite and connected to all that is. We will discover that when we’re in a Theta brain state, either through meditation or lucid dreaming, the soul becomes a source of both general and personal knowledge, and this knoweldge can be called upon. We will discover that most of modern life has suppressed this aspect, through distractions, outside influences, and the metaphysical blinds of both religion and atheism.
Responsibility: become very clear and very unified in your intention – be very specific, authentic and clear about what it is that you want for yourself.


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