Fifteen Haikus

From the seed: the crop
Nature’s sequence is a knot
From the crop: the seed

Third eye sees further
But the other two blind it
Still it can be healed

Victimhood is learnt
Un-learn by Observation
None else will save you

Resist: it persists
Let the dynamo spin lust
Into genius

Body-temple dies
Never forget this again:
Soul is Infinite

Practice what you preach
This is for you, ‘slave master’:
All intents are known

I shall not be led
The power is mine to claim
I say it: it is

All day breathing in
You thought you were breathing air?
What will you breathe out?

People and places
To make up a new world’s crust
Time is calling us

Images haunt me
They’re easily brushed away
By a new torture

Three score years and ten
Made to hatch and die like flies
-Not our destiny

Secrets tightly sucked
They become Nature’s pivot
From which art spirals

We are far from healed
Sunny outside, sleep all day
Lazy not for long

No jet trails today
Clear skies, clear nostrils, clear mind
A day to breathe joy

Clenched teeth, could not speak
Could not look into your eyes
Witheld love in fear


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