Good And Evil

Here’s a question: if we’re so advanced, if we’re so intelligent, if we understand so much about ourselves, about the universe … why haven’t we already transcended the human condition? We hasn’t humanity already transcended it’s own ideosyncracies… why aren’t we already Gods?

Look: sky scrapers, iPhones, shops, technology – we’re so advanced, we’re so intelligent, we’re not like previous generations – they were just primative apes. We’re so fulfilled, we’re so happy, we’re so elightened… Maybe not…

Now wait. Don’t tell me science has the answers. Science says there was a big bang. Science says we evolved from apes. But these are theories – just theories. These theories haven’t delivered a greater sense of completeness. These theories haven’t given us a greater groundedness, a greater joy, a deep knowingness, a deeper self-confidence. They’re just theories. But it’s funny how easily theory can become fact if you say it enough times…

Don’t say “it’s generally believed that”, don’t tell me “well, there’s a general consensus here…” …No. You either know. Or you do not know.

I’m not interested in a best guesses. I’m not interested in the consensus. I’m not interested in what is “generally theorised” or the “accepted story”, I’m not interested in belief systems, ideologies, approximations, theories, suppositions, guesswork, religions. They’ve all been disproven, so why be arrogant to assume that today’s theories won’t be disproven too. The only thing that interests me is what can unoquivically be proven beyond all doubt to be true.

If you come from this frame, you realise… we don’t know shit about ourselves. We Humans have been innocent to the facts of who we are, where we come from, and what our purpose is. And if you look at history, you look at what has taken place on this Earth in the last 10,000 years – you’ll see the products and actions of a species that is innocent: innocent to it’s true nature.

You’ll see entire empires built on ideologies and belief systems, which came and went, building and breaking like a wave. You’ll see amazing art and music, in honour of gods that never existed. You’ll see incredible medical practices, based on the clumsiest science. You think we’re any better – just because we have chemotherapy, vaccines, alternating current… hmm, interesting. And of course… you’ll see the bloodiest wars fought over the most dubious ideals. In short, the last 10,000 years have been a broken record.

I don’t see a species that is enlightened… I see eight billion beings, caught in survival mode, fed information in the form of either unoquivecal belief (religion), or best guesses (science), living in innocence to their true nature, their true purpose.

Now there have been people who have come along and have given us amazing insights into what it means to be human. And we credit these people. William Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Samuel Beckett… these individuals showed us facets of the human condition and we celebrate them for their ability to represent the ideosyncracies of human behaviour.

But I return to my opening statement: for all the celebrated individuals who have come and shown us the failure of the human condition, name we one who has not only transcended that failure, but systemetized and formalized a way for all to transcend.

So you might say… “Tom, if you think so little of humanity, how can you walk down the street with a smile on your face… how can you shake someone’s hand and smile and be sincere with the human race if nobody meets your high standards”… so this leads me to a distinction:

The vast majority of the eight billion beings on this planet are GOOD. And by GOOD, I mean they are innocent to the truth of who they really are. “Even murderers” – yes, even murderers. Murderers are innocent to the truth of the human condition. “Even rapists and pedophiles and politicians” – yes, them too! They are innocent to the truth of the human condition.

Does this mean these people are above the law? No – it simply means they are playing out a role that is based on misinformation, just like the rest of us. This definition of ‘good’ isn’t religious – it isn’t about judgement. But it does allow a lot of room for forgiveness, don’t you think?

So… what then, is EVIL? ‘Evil’ knows humanity to its core. Evil knows the entire function of the human genetic code. Evil knows humanity’s every reaction and behavioural pattern. Evil knows humanity so deeply, Evil is able to exploit humanity’s flaws so perfectly, Evil is able to toy with the human race, and ultimately use the human race for it’s own purpose. Not only does evil know every ideosyncracy of human nature, but it has developed systems and structures that are able to exploit human nature for it’s own purpose. What is that purpose… another video maybe, but it ain’t in humanity’s best interest.

In my world view, there is Good, and there is Evil.

The human nesting instinct is very strong: the desire to build, to settle and raise a family – very deep reflex in human beings. So, let’s imagine that a family has the nesting instinct, they need to find a home. They go to the bank; they get a mortgage. This piece of paper gives them the money to buy the home – it satisfies the nesting instinct. However, they true nature of the contract is not what they think.


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