Las Parabolas: Its All A Game

The events in the world are part of a grand dream we create for ourselves. Deep down, we all know the game we play: life is a series of experiments, designed to give us the best chance of personal evolution. In this way, each one of us contributes to the evolution of the whole.

The game I’m fascinated by is the game of money. For money is the place we put our hopes, dreams, limitations, self-worth, expectation, trust, and fears. It is a perfect reflection of ourselves. Most interestingly, when money simply fails to function, we are forced to stand as we are, without the facade we make for ourselves…

The time we’re living through is a like a compression of tests and experiments – like an evolution accelerator. Under these circumstances, incredible solutions are brought forward, and take off, parabolically. Under the same circumstances, projects that were doomed to fail, will run themselves into the ground, and fail spectacularly.

One incredible solution was cryptocurrency: an enticing experiment in decentralized and trust-less money creation, the answer to the question of unchecked debt-based money. One project doomed to fail, was Keynesian economics. That project failed just a few days ago, at the time of writing. We will look back at this time, and come to know that this was moment trust in the abilities of the Gods – the Central Banks – finally failed, and the free markets knew it. Now, today, we’re living through the finale of this great monetary experiment – debt-based money, versus private, decentralised Cryptocurrency. The winner will illustrate Humanity’s self-image, and determine the course of history.

All is a game, and whatever comes – virus, earthquakes, asteroids, pole shifts – they’re all challenges and hiccups to add colour and flavour to this game. We love a near-miss; a narrow escape; intrigue and stories within stories; this is our game, and we’ll play it to the hilt. We’re a race that loves a challenge, ambiguity and brilliant solutions that save the day at the last minute – and we’re about to get what we came for!

Las Parabolas is a series of artworks that hope to capture a facet of the dream of cryptocurrency – six portraits that tell a story. The story is down to personal interpretation, but its all grounded in the dream of the parabola – the exponential rise in price and acceptance of this brilliant solution. Portrayed, are six individuals who are tied in some way to the prophesy of the parabolic rise in cryptocurrency and human evolution. All are well-known – they are liked and disliked to different degrees, but are all united in their shared advocacy.

The importance of releasing this work now, is I believe we’re in a critical time in the history of this dream. The world deserves artwork that that expresses this dream, so it can be visually affirmed, commemorated, and celebrated, no matter what happens. The fiat price of cryptocurrency oscillates – the hopes and fears of speculation predictably ebb and flow – but art is forever. Art consecrates memories and commits moments to eternity. Here was my inspiration for releasing these crypto artworks, on the blockchain, and physically.



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