NiftyBills is the ultimate expression of the NFT phenomenon. Where money printing, generative blockchain assets and fine art converge….

NiftyBills exist as a celebration of the time we live in. They are a tribute to the once in a millennium innovation that we are witnessing today: The creation of a trustless, peer-to-peer medium of exchange, only predated in kind, by the invention of paper money, circa 700 AD.

It is hard to deny that humans have historically assigned gravitas to paper money. To physical notes. Even within cashless societies. Physical notes have been seen as the business card of a nation. They have been the expression of something that is universally valuable and have underpinned our existence for more than a thousand years.

The crypto ecosystem on the other hand is yet to find something within its ‘visual brand’ that recognises the significance of it’s innovation. While crypto’s visual lexicon is truly weird and wonderful; with memes, alpacas and everything in between, the NiftyBills project aims to celebrate crypto for what it offers society; a historic advancement in the evolution of money.

Cartoonish generative art projects are now a well known part of the NFT space. NiftyBills on the other hand offers something totally new: complex art generated from elements that are difficult to reproduce, unless without specific industry or art training.

This project would be impossible without the unique knowledge and training of a banknote designer. Money production has been called ‘the king of printing’, because it is the most technical, intricate and precise print process in the world. Banknotes rely on extremely high resolutions, multiple print processes, fine art, graphic design, exotic techniques, and mechanical precision. This is the essence of what creates trust in our world.


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