Planet Earth Is A Gym For Authenticity

There is a movement in the Universe that is pulling every aspect of existence up into greater awareness of itself. This is not a gradual process. Nature doesn’t evolve by linear, gradual means. Instead, nature works in waves. Each wave suddenly lifts everything to a new plateau. We are in the J curve of a leveling up, to a new plateau of experience. This process will be complete in a relatively short period of time.
For Human society, this movement is creating a will towards greater self-awareness and self-observation, in other words: authenticity. This is a painful process, but only because our society is not arranged by authenticity.
Instead, our societies have been arranged by hierarchies of inner circles within inner circles, where knowledge is assumed to be power, and power is concentrated. Ignorance is cultivated by withholding knowledge. Ignorance creates contradiction, hypocrisy, and dissonance. This hypocrisy creates disenchantment, denial, regret, depression, rage, on a daily basis. The doctor who knows the medicine doesn’t work, but administers it anyway. Religious wars. The politicians who authorize bombs to be dropped on innocents, in the name of democracy. The judges and entertainers who are granted carte blanche to commit any crime they like. The average person who works a job they hate, only because they need the money. Planet Earth harbors every flavor of bullshit that comes from being inauthentic.
This movement towards greater authenticity is going to flush out much of what we consider to be ‘normal life’. The process through which this happens is much like a digestive system. Every part of experience that withholds authenticity is resting in the body politic, like toxic, undigested food. Each piece must be individually broken down, processed, and evacuated. The process isolates everything that is inauthentic, breaks it down to its essence, so that it can be understood. What is extracted is the KNOWLEDGE. This is data that has been personalized through experience, which then revitalizes and rejuvenates the body politic. After the bullshit has had all the knowledge extracted, what’s left is simply shit that must be evacuated, where it is tossed to a lower dimension.
On an individual basis, this movement is going to be painful relative to the degree to which you are inauthentic. Being general here, the very young and the very old will probably have an easier time in this process. This is because right up until you finish university, you are relatively free to pursue what you want to do, and you’re supported in doing it_—_huge generalization, but so long as you’ve had a pain free upbringing, and you take any education opportunity that is available to you, and you pursue hobbies outside of education, you’re living a life that is fairly self-directed.
On the other hand, if you’re retired, you’re also free to pursue whatever you choose to do. So long as you remain in good health, you have freedom of schedule, which gives you the opportunity to self-determine_—_to make a commitment each day to do what you want to do.
The problem is going to be for the majority of society_—_especially those in full time employment prescribing a set schedule, a set location, and a set salary. Why?
Because we’re Human.
Humans like adventure. Humans like unpredictability. Humans gain self-esteem from new accomplishments. Humans like to self-determine. Humans like freedom to roam. Humans gain confidence from competence, and enjoy the humbling process of skill acquisition. Humans like to imagine. Humans like to daydream. Humans like to invent. Humans are inspired by journeys that appear to have no end point, rather than hard endings. Humans are inspired by acts of personal sacrifice for a much greater goal. Humans like honesty. Humans seek deep connection and enjoy affection. The problem with full time employment prescribing a set schedule, a set location, and a set salary, is that it takes all those things, puts them in a waste disposal unit, and covers them with vomit, sawdust, slurry and dead flies.
The move to greater authenticity will force all in full time employment to face the limitations of their own situation. This will be different for everyone, but will absolutely manifest in circumstances. Again, how painful it will be will depend on the degree to which an individual’s situation is inauthentic to his or her own will.
Let’s say you had a childhood dream job. Let’s say that you’re offered full time work that would comprise your childhood dream job. However, let’s make it interesting. Let’s say that this job is in another country, and you don’t speak a word of that country’s language. Let’s say that the office you’ll be working in is a new, clean environment, but in order to access the office, you must have a microchip implant in your hand. The chip is about the size a grain of rice, and is quickly and painlessly inserted by an onsite nurse. Let’s say that the company building is in a remote area, and you’ll be living in the nearest town, which is a small village where the other workers live. About the office: you’ll be working with a lady who has been working there for 30 years. She has an anger problem. She is single, and lives alone with a cat. She doesn’t speak English very well, and resents you for speaking English. She takes it personally if you try to speak English or don’t understand her, and assumes you’re being patronizing and narcissistic. She openly mocks you in front of other workers, who look at you with a distrustful eye. Your immediate higher-up_—_the guy you report to_—_got his job through family connections. He’s known the lady in the office since she started, they’re good friends. He finds it funny when she gets angry with you. He refuses to intervene, and assumes everything is your fault. He always says you’re slower than his dog. He never calls you by your name; instead he whistles and hisses at you as if you were in fact a dog. If he wants to get your attention quickly, he slams his shoe on your desk. Despite all this, you are guaranteed the work, due to the country’s protective employment laws. The offices are bound by a highway, a paint factory, and a truck stop. This makes for interesting smelling air. There is nowhere to eat or sit outside the offices_—_just a disused railway line, a quarry, and other non-descript office buildings.
This would be an example of an extremely inauthentic situation, to the point of ridiculous incongruence. You have a childhood dream, flanked by so much hypocrisy and challenge that appears to be outside of your control, which undermines your ability to do your job, self-confidence, and well-being. In order to stay in the job, you would have to lie to yourself to the point where you would sacrifice basic psychological needs, in order to pursue a childhood dream. It wouldn’t take long before the immediate challenges would overtake the dream, and render it totally arbitrary, being just a pivot in the day-to-day office experience.
Though it’s an extreme example, the process for all those in full-time work is the same: a perversion of expectation, self-worth, and trust, in order to make full-time work seem like the most palatable option. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a ‘childhood dream’, a ‘qualification’, or just the money_—_it’s the same process of becoming inauthentic. You can tell yourself lies; you can say ‘its not that bad’, you can list the perks of the job as if they balance out the downsides; but in the end, you’re not doing what you want to do.
In the coming months, you’re going to see a lot of people leave their full time work. The drive to authenticity cannot be stopped. It is already well underway, but now you’ll really see the population shift. I would invest in shares of companies that make houseboats, tents, RVs and motor homes, as people will opt for rent-free living once they no longer have the safety net of a salary. People will seek uninhibited adventure and live in the wilderness. They will move back in with parents. They will work on laptops on white beaches. These all represent one stage in the reformation of humanity to a state of authenticity.
You don’t want to be left holding the bag_—_this time, if you don’t commit to authenticity, you’re going to be relegated to a lower dimension, since you’ll be the shit that must be expelled for humanity to regenerate. That would be like choosing to live in hell. And all those who are currently inauthentic are going to be put through a taste of hell_—_in the form of injustice, contradiction, hypocrisy, abuse_—_in order for them to determine which road they want to take. This is how the Universe works_—_you’re given a taste, the Universe sees how you react, and if you appear to be ok, you’re given more. Offices everywhere will soon become unbearable for those who wish to evolve. Some people are talking about ‘ascension’. What these new age day dreamers often miss, is the painful process of letting go of all the things that sabotage our authenticity.
Are you doing what you want to do for the majority of the day? If the answer is no 3 days in a row, quit. The wave of authenticity won’t wait.


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