2000 $Paper


Official $Paper Token Bill
Litho, UV invisible ink, gold foil on watermarked paper
1,250 issued, individually serial numbered

498 in stock

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This is physical banknote-style artwork, produced to a similar standard as circulating currency.

The $PAPER currency is a social token, issued on the Ethereum blockchain by Tom Badley in collaboration with TryRoll. The token as a maximum issuance of 10,000,000.

What’s the first thing to do with a token currency? Back it, of course – with ‘paper’! Each tranche of 1000 $PAPER tokens are ‘backed’ with a physical bill, currently available in two denominations – 1000 and 2000.

2,500x ‘1000’ bills and 1250x ‘2000’ bills have been printed to date, together representing 50% of the total $PAPER supply in physical backing.

Owners of these bills are able to ‘cash’ them for $PAPER tokens, sent via the TryRoll wallet, or retain the artwork/physical bill.

The $PAPER project is evolving, but was initiated as way of asking: where does the money start and the art end? – and vice versa. A banknote has a face value, but also a possible collectible value, based on its desirability and scarcity. Being in a unique position to literally ‘print money’, Tom Badley’s $PAPER project is a literal extension of what so many artists have done before – to make the price tag the artwork itself.