Dow Jones Crash


Giclée Print
50cm x 50cm

This is a digital print of the same design from the popular 2020 Death of Luxury Series – the original is a unique 90cm x 90cm print on silk. The available originals can be found under Originals/Prints on Silk

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This is the 3rd in The Death Of Luxury series – 9x artworks, inspired by the unique events and memes of 2020 – coronavirus, the March stock market crash, the collapse of the US Dollar, social disruption, election chaos, and the rise of cryptocurrency. These forces are culminating in irreversibly altered attitudes towards luxury and value, paving the way for the age of digital scarcity – triumphed by cryptoart. This design features original engraving style portraits of the popular pallbearer meme, dancing logos and floating virus particles, as well as my double portrait of Charles Dow and Edward Jones; the creators of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. They are accompanied by the candlestick chart of the 2020 market crash.