Ethereum Lion


Giclée on paper
60cm x 60cm (image size)
1/1 Unique, accompanied by NFT, minted on KnownOrigin
Signed, numbered

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This is a detailed drawing in an engraving style – a style of drawing that uses precise placement of marks to create an image. This is my summary of what cryptoart means to me: the triumph of craft and pride over artlessness and banality. The drawing is of one of the lions at Trafalgar Square in London. The site is famous for showcasing bad contemporary art in London’s traditional setting. The contemporary art additions to the square are usually reaction-seeking and nihilistic. In contrast, the lion sculptures represent authenticity and the value of heritage. In this work, the lion is surrounded by a pattern, constructed from Paris Hilton’s drawing of her cat, Munchkin, which was tokenized on the ethereum blockchain. The cat and the lion, juxatposed, represent the growing maturity of the NFT art market, and Ethereum itself.

This unique print is accompanied by an NFT on the KnownOrigin platform (click to view.)