Hercules: Gold


Lithograph on watermarked security paper
Invisible UV Inks, UV fibres, high resolution security printing
320mm x 450mm (Uncut print size)
Unique commissioned print backed by 1/1 NFT – please see below to read more…
2020 [NFT minting date]

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This is a commissioned physical print, backed by an NFT, minted on SuperRare.
The buyer of the NFT automatically commissions the production of the print. If the print is sold via this site, the NFT is transfered to the buyer’s address.

The unique print will be a high resolution lithograph, secured on watermarked security paper, with embedded UV fibers. The inks used to print the artwork will be lithographic security inks, with invisible UV qualities. These security features combine to make the artwork technically almost impossible to copy. This is not the same technique as conventional stone or photolithography – this print will be made in collaboration with an ISO standards-compliant security printer, to create a unique, anti-counterfeit work of art. The artist will work closely to obtain the finest print possible, using tried-and-tested methods and drawing on the experience and know-how of plate-makers, graphic designers, and print specialists.

The uncut print size will be 32cm x 45cm

This work represents an the first serious expansion from the usual portrait engraving format. This highly detailed engraving is made of thousands of lines, each precisely arranged, to create a unique expressive quality.

It also represents the first in a series of works that focused on ‘man versus serpent’ – this eternal theme represents the struggle for self determination of Humanity, and the choice between freedom and tyranny. This is particularly poignant in the realm of cryptocurrency, which represents a possible transcendence from the hamster wheel of debt slavery, and a new, more equitable monetary system.

Three variations of this design will be produced – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Gold.