Structureless Environments

After I finished art school, I had a lot of time to ask the question – what was it that I spend 4 years on? What is art school? What is it?

I think the most pragmantic answer is that….

Art school is a Structureless Environment. If you’re an art student, this is the first time you’ve experienced a structurless environment, having come from school, which is highly structured environment – oppressively strucuted in my opinion. Now, a Structreless Environment, unike Structured Environments, will test your tolerance to CHOAS and AMBIGUITY. I’ll say that again: WORKING IN A STRUCUTRELESS ENVIRONMENT TESTS YOUR TOLERENCE TO CHOAS AND AMBIGUITY. Here’s a little secret: LIFE IS ONE BIG STRUCTURELESS ENVIRONMENT – although everything from the taxman to insurance salemen are trying to convince you otherwise, LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT… THERE ARE NO RULES, EXCEPT THE RULES YOU CONSENT TO…


The major advantage of going to art school, is that, unlike the Law students or the physics students or the Psychology students, you have ZERO PROMISE OF A PRESCRIBED CAREER PATH… Not only that, but Art School is like a safe bubble, where you can experience a TYPE of controlled CHAOS and AMBIGUITY in a safe, controlled environment.

Why is this important…

Because – if you don’t know already – we, as a species are about to go through a period of incredible CHOAS. Chaos in the markets… chaos in the weather, societal chaos, disruption in almost all levels of existence. I mean… many of the things that we take for granted a built on very tenuous structures anyway… take the Just In Time Food Delivery System, for example – commonly known as supermarkets. Are you aware of how much stuff in supermarkets has to be transported there… across the world. The food security of a whole population is reliant on a delicate concert of GPS, weather forecasting, shipping, logistics, and fuel prices and currency fluctuations – all factors that said populations have absolutely no control over. Have you any idea how easily that system could be disrupted? Do you know what people do after they haven’t eaten for 3 days?… Just one example, but everywhere you look – the corruption in politics, the absence of liquidity in the markets, the weather intensity, volatility everywhere you look, mass exinctions…

What I anticipate, and what you ought to be ready for too, is a period of time when authority, the rule of law, the financial system, our environment, our culture, begins to turn upside-down. This is the implosion – as these structures implode, there will a period of chaos and ambiguity.

So, as art students, you’re actually in the best place to be mentally prepared for this coming period of CHOAS and period of AMBIGUITY that will follow, because the structurelessness of life will be palpable, and it will CREATE THE SPACE FOR SELF-DETERMINATION – and isn’t that what art is ultimately an expression of.


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