The Death Of Luxury

‘The Death Of Luxury’ is a series of 9 designs to be printed on silk scarves. The scarves, like the NFT designs, will be completely unique – 1/1 ultra rare!

The designs themselves are influenced by the events and memes of 2020 – to name a few, the Ghanaian coffin dancing meme, the US election, corona, the parabolic rise of cryptocurrency, and of course, the changeing nature of our idea of ‘luxury’.

On the surface, this artwork is an irreverent collection of internet memes and crypto culture touchpoints. On a deeper level, the work is self referential of the promise of NFTs and digital assets: digital scarcity is the NEW LUXURY; not only in the preeminent adoption of digitally scarce assets, but also in the face of ‘lockdowns’, closed stores, and the rotation of capital out of old industries and into tech.

The designs combine all my best work over the last year – a ‘Trump banknote’ design, the best of my cryptocurrency banknote artwork, my bespoke typography, as well as engraving style portraits of the ‘coffin dancers’, who appear at the north and south of each design.

The coffin dancers were – in my opinion – the meme of 2020. They symbolize an indifference to death that Humans adopt when death is widespread – whether figuratively in the sudden collapse of markets, the death of western supremacy; or literally, in the millions dead from flu. It is no accident that the meme was quickly remixed into a medieval version…

In a similar way, my designs take the rough cuts of internet memes, and elevate them to high fashion.

I’m excited to offer these NFTs with physical counterparts, which are intended to be worn, as much as they can be framed and hung on the wall. The creation of scarves is also a nod to the western craze of mask-wearing…

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