The Five Faces Of Conspiracy

Let’s talk about CONSPIRACY!
So this is an introduction to the concept of CONSPIRACY and CONSPIRCY theories. And I have 5 PERSPECTIVES on Conspiracy. They are:

1. Metaphysics
2. Cartoon
3. False Revelation
4. Political Correctness
5. Human Rights

These are 5 perspectives on the idea of Conspiracy, they’re all very different, some of them are abstract, some of them more practical, hope you enjoy… let’s crack into it…

First, Conspiracy and Metaphysics:

Here’s a question for you all:

I’m looking at the theory of the Big Bang, and I’m asking…
How can you describe the origins of something when you have no way of knowing the precise conditions that were in place before that thing existed? You can’t…

Our current science is limited to a ‘best fit’ methodology… the idea that “well, we don’t know the whole story, but the guesswork we’ve done generally points to this”… why not just admit it. It is – by defenition – impossible to know the origins of existence. To even consider the possibility that you can know the rigins of the universe is pure theory as best, to rely upon this theory as the basis of science is absolutely ridicouluos, it’s arrogant, and it’s indistinguishable from pure belief. Science says “well, it was an arbitrary, random, explosive accident, and everything sort of came from there” – that’s pure, pure speculation.

The big bang theory – just admit, the origins of the universe is a complete MYSTERY, and WE. DON’T. HAVE. A. CLUE. Existence, the origins of causality itself, is a complete mystery. Just admit it: Mystery is the baseline of our reality.

Now, actually, that is much more elegant than assuming the origins of the universe can be known. Why? Because if ou reality is borne of mystery, then we’re going to find echoes and iterations of mystery all across nature. We’re going to find structures within structures, cycles within cycles, concealed aspects that only reveal themselves until you look closer.

Actually, if you look at the why reality is actually structured – it all has the same concealed structure, with knowledge immersed, embedded and enveloped within greater bodies of knowledge. Actually, what nature is telling us, is that ‘Mystery’ is the natural state of the universe.

So that being the case, as we’re part of nature, you would expect the human race to reflect the inherent mystery of the universe in it’s own behaviour. So you can view Conspiracy as manmade concealment, manmade ‘mystery’. Conspircy is the nature echo of the inherent mystery of our universe.

So the takeways from this: conspiracy is natural, there will always be hidden agendas, it’s natural, its inherent, so it should be expected. No big deal!


Number 2: Conspiracy and Cartoon – so this is the idea that conspiracy theories are a cartoonish version of reality.

So here’s a question – do think nature cares about Health Insurance? Exploding supernova, black holes, lions ripping apart wilderbeast – health insurance doesn’t fit into nature’s plan. The insurance is a manmade invention, and insurance is interesting because it’s based on a weird idea, that you have some CONTROL.

Now, one thing about nature is NOTHING in nature takes place under controlled conditions. The idea of CONTROL is absurd to nature. If you look at the rainforest for instance: that’s an ecosystem that is working in perfect harmony – can you see any evidence of control? No! What you see in nature is an ongoing process of creative destruction – other people call this progress of entropy. Essentially, nature’s failsafe is that all things are allowed to swing to their extreme (weather, gravity, temperature, electromagnetism), which then provides the leverage to swing in the opposite direction. – so in short, this process works on the principle of ALLOWANCE – EVERYTHING IS ALLOWED to overflow, which tips the balance in the opposite direction, which provides the momentum for continuation. At no point does nature resist ITSELF.

Basically, the idea that anything is IN CONTROL or OUT OF CONTROL is a misnomer – CONTROL is an invention that doesn’t really exist, like the idea of the 0 or infinity – they’re just abstract concepts that are useful, but do not function practically.

So, the idea that a group of people are IN CONTROL is absolutely absurd… they can try, they can assume they are IN CONTROL, but it will never work out. Nature’s creative destruction ensures progress. The idea that a group of people can control anything is absurd, in a Universe that requires destruction to progress. Also, that means the idea of a static Utopia is absurd. Because a Utopia has no momentum, it will inevitably endure creative destruction from nature, one way or another.

One more point on this: the CARTOON OF CONTROL can lead us into a false sense of confience. It’s absurd that people are able to control you, but that won’t stop some nasty people from trying, and causing a lot of pain in the process.


Number Three: Conspiracy and False Revelation.

Another question: If Tom say’s he’s lying to you, is he telling you the truth?… This question reveals how TRUTH can always be CONFUSED by infusing it with just the possibility of FALSEHOOD.

In other words, even if I’m telling you the truth, if I even suggest that what I say could be a lie, the truth will now be in question.

If I wanted to conceal a truth, the best way to conceal it would be to DISPLAY IT IN FULL VIEW, and at the same time PRESENT IT AS A WORK OF FICTION.

How many plotlines in films seem to predict EXACTLY real terrorist attacks and other events?
How many books have been published that reveal the plans of major governments?
How many papers has the Rockefuller Foundation published about ‘the future of the human race’…written as fiction, yet seem to magically predict events like pandemics, even down to accurate dates and origin locations…
…and why do so many terrorist attacks appear to take place on the exact day there was a DRILL IN CASE OF A TERRORIST ATTACK…

The common element here is that part of conspiracy involves the subversion of truth, by hiding truth in full view. This is what we call FALSE REVELATION.


FOUR: Conspiracy Theory and Political Correctness.

Orwellian Newspeak is a language that is purposely designed to close down discussion and critical thinking. Newspeak is a term coined by George Orwell, but actually we already have Newspeak – it’s called Political Correctness.

One of the most devisive forms of Political Correctness is to use acussitory buzzwords, which keep the conversation ‘black and white’ – keep it on a simplistic level: Words like ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘mysoginist’ – these are labels, meaning you either are, or are not. Despite best intentions, despite your honest search for justice, equality and altruism, the net effect of these demarcations is that they prevent you from seeing the whole person – the bad, and the good. Most people are paradoxes anyway. But of course, to see that, you have to be ready to accept paradox, and rise above simple, black and white thinking. In the end, what this accusatory words do, is close down the discussion, and prevent critical thinking.

Nobody is more interested in, nor more an proponent of, political correctness than the political establishment. Why? Because they need a politically correct label for people who question their authority… a quick buzzword that prevents further discussion….

Here is a declassified 1965 CIA dispatch – it calls for the phrase ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ to be used against anyone who questions the government, or is a potential threat. The label ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ was coined by the CIA as a means of suppressing whistleblowers. In turn, Conpiracy Theorist is used as a politically correct device, to prevent discussion of nuanced truth. When I call someone a Conspiracy Theorist, it closes down the discussion. “oh, that’s just a conspiracy theory – well, here’s the evidence… No, not interested – conspiracy theory”.


Number FIVE: Ok, the big one. The Birth of Conpsiracy and Human Rights.

For most of human history, the human race has been slaves, property. For most of human history, we had no rights. There was the monarch, the priesthood, and the rest. The idea that we, has human beings have ineliable rights is a relavtely new concept, and it was very slow to arrive – only in the last 400 years.

Here’s what’s interesting – the invention human rights didn’t make the problems go away – it upped the ante. After human beings began to declare themselves free from the tyrrany of monarchy, the monarchy could no longer use OVERT supporession. So instead, the new form of suppression comes in the form of COVERT SUPPRESSION…

…and this is the most important point. It’s the invention of human rights which is like ROUND 1 in this tug of war between freedom and tyrrany, that we’re still in…. What we’ve been dealing with for the past 300 years, is all forms of COVERT SUPRESSION.

You can’t be naive to think we live in a democracy… our elected officials take their orders from roundtable discussion groups, the discussions are not publicly available, they’re done in secret, and every politician is give a recommendation, a soft recommendation – by unelected officials. And if they deviate from those recommendations – uh oh, evidence is planted on them, they’re involved in a scandal, and they’re replaced with someone who will follow those recommendations. It’s really that simple. It’s a conspiracy – and I challenge you to find evidence to discredit what I’m saying.

The reason this happens, is because tyrrany is PERSISTANT – it is persistence, it is tireless, and it’s why freedom has to be defended and RE-defended.

So that’s it – the FIVE FACES OF CONSPIRACY. Hope you enjoyed it – talk soon x


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