The Future Is Not For Wimps: It Is For The Sensitive

Eating a healthy diet is, in fact, a process of becoming more sensitive, and in the process, becoming more self-aware. For example, in my experience, going without eating a cucumber for three months has very little consequence. But if I were to eat white bread, it would throw my hormone levels out of balance and I would have mood swings and elevated levels of hunger for 3 days. I have sensitized by body to the hormone-altering effects of processed wheat. I would also feel similar effects if I were to eat white sugar, red meat, caffeine…and don’t even ask about alcohol: the last time I succumbed to peer pressure and drank a ¼ pint as part of a drinking game, I could not walk in a straight line for 2 days.
Rid wheat, sugar-yielding carbohydrates, red meats, alcohols, caffeine, and dairy from your diet. Then return to them. They will reveal themselves to be the poisons they are.
Everything is connected. If you eat white bread, the body converts the carbohydrates into sugars, which provokes strong insulin release. Insulin is the cog upon which mood, sleep, sex-hormone regulation, nutrient uptake, and metabolism turns. There is no depression, no diabetes, no testosterone imbalance, no sleep disorder, and no syndrome that is without an inappropriate insulin response. What’s the point? Your cognitive ability to arrive at certain realisations is directly related to your diet: your self-awareness is written by your diet. Your sensitivity and accurate, stable perception of the world is built first on your dietary sensitivity.
The seeds of pumpkin, golden flax and hemp can be equated with a very high self-awareness. Diet Coke can be equated with a very low self-awareness… If you enjoy a refreshing Diet Coke, you first have to buy into the idea that the Diet version is better than the normal version. This is ignorance. The main artificial sweetener is Aspartame. Aspartame degrades into formaldehyde once inside the body. The degraded components of Aspartame DO cross the blood-brain barrier, blocking neural transmission, effectively sedating the brain. Diet Coke is the finest liquid lobotomy. Why add an artificial sweeter that is many times sweeter than table sugar? Why, to disguise Diet Coke’s main ingredient: salt. Coke is not only a lobotomy, it is for the purpose of creating a thirst that cannot be quenched. Thus, implicated in the production of Diet Coke, is a colossus of total disgust, jealousy, hatred and disdain for the human species, which must be kept sedate, short-lived, addicted and mad.
By rejecting products such Diet Coke, you have the opportunity to be more sensitive. Not only do you sensitize the body, but you sensitize the mind. You have the potential to ACCESS more information.
Information is like food. If you ingest garbage, you must expect your conclusions to be garbage. If you ingest what the brain needs to hear, you must expect your brain to do what it needs to do_—_think, and think clearly and calmly.
The informational equivalent of the Pumkin Seed would be Wikileaks. Wikileaks, via the bravery of a man called Julien Assange, illuminates. It throws light on that which seeks to remain dark. It allows ACCESS to information, for those who are SENSITIVE enough to interpret it.
The informational equivalent of the Flax Seed would be a whistleblower, such as Edward Snowden. Snowden illuminates. Snowden throws light on that which seeks to remain dark. He allows ACCESS to information, for those who are SENSITIVE enough to interpret it.
The informational equivalent of Diet Coke, would be CNN, MSNC, the BBC, the Guardian (UK), Huffington Post, New York Times, Time Magazine, Fox News, CBS Corporation, Time Warner, Viacom, News Corp, The Walt Disney Company, Comcast, the Financial Times, ABC, Forbes, The Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal etc. etc.
Just as Diet Coke is crafted with a cynical agenda, so too is the mainstream media. A single entity DOES decide the agenda; the six major news corporations DO report to this single entity; the various news outlets DO get their orders from these six news corporations; scripts ARE written; guests ARE vetted; strangers who do not care or know DO read the scripts, they ARE trained to intonate these scripts according rules dictated to them; consortiums of editors DO decide what to put in, what to leave out, and whether what is left in is in line with their orders from higher-up… If you ingest garbage, you must expect your conclusions about the world to be garbage.
The never-ending and all-encompassing stream of mainstream media is designed to DE-sensitize. It is designed to shock, confound, to push your buttons. It is designed to create a reaction. It is designed to create addiction. It is poking you for your attention. It is trash.
The US election result is a snap-shot of a split and the proportion, not just in America, but in the world. The split is between those who are sensitive, and those who are -at present_—_insensitive.
For those who remain desensitized, the movement of events in the near future will seem unbelievable. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?_—_It happening because we are all becoming more sensitive_—_sensitive to ourselves, our cultures, our tyrannies, our limitations, our race, our thought-processes. We are becoming more self-aware.
This is good news. But it is scary. The reason it is scary is because the human race has been living in highly-controlled, mediated realities for so long, we have become dependent on this reality. Of course, this reality has been crafted for this purpose, and it has been crafted very well.
Regardless, the false reality is falling away, through the human desire for more self-awareness, to become more sensitive. There is no going back. We are not going back to ‘normal’, because none of us truly know what ‘normal’ is.
For those who are already on the journey of becoming healthier, more sensitive, more self-aware: keeping going. For those who are still on a steady diet of garbage (mainstream media and mainstream culture)_—_you’re on this ride with us. There is no getting off the ride now. We’re all strapped in together.
Along this ride, there will be progressively more intense situations that will force us to face who we are, what life is, and our choices_—_our diet, our emotions, our moods, our ‘lifestyles’, our habits, and how we perceive the world. This is just an inevitable consequence of the journey to deeper self-awareness.
Somewhere, some day, you may decide to radically change your diet. You may decide to drop an old habit that seems ineffectual. You may turn away from things that used to be entertaining, but now seem like annoying distractions. And some day, those who get their information from the mainstream media, may simply say “I’m not buying this any more.”
Welcome to the Sensitive Side!


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