The Holographic Principle (Tate Britain)



Hi, I’m Tom.

A few disclaimers:
Nothing I’m going to say is my own, all the material is out there if you care to research further. The purpose of this talk is to give a simple overview of a very complex subject, I’m just ‘putting it out there’ for you to make of it what you will.

So, what does the Holographic Principle mean? And why is it important?

Let’s start from the beginning. The name of this lecture the “Holographic Principle” comes from a concept of String Theory…

String Theory

String Theory proposes that the universe is structured Holographically.

In short: “the fragments of the universe reflect the whole”.

String Theory makes a reference to the microcosmic realm being surprisingly reflective of the macrocosmic realm.

This is actually very easy to visualize…

The Double Helix Nebula…and the DNA molecule….

The Honey Comb…and the swirling hexagon found on Saturn…

Wikipedia quote –

The physical universe is widely seen to be composed of “matter” and “energy”. In his 2003 article published in Scientific American magazine, Jacob Bekenstein … suggests scientists may “regard the physical world as made of information, with energy and matter as incidentals.” …quotes William Blake and questions whether the Holographic principle implies that seeing “the world in a grain of sand,” could be more than “poetic license”.[9]

William Blake quote –
“To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour”

On the one hand we have a piece of poetry, and on the other we have a scientific theory. What in the real world can we apply this to? How can we model it so it can be understood?

Blake is talking about the universal accessibility of information, the way in which the world can be condensed and understood in one go, the way everything is a reflection of everything else, the infinite linkage between every point in space and time.

This universal accessibility of information sounds very similar to the Internet…

There are images available to ‘map’ out the structure of the Internet.

These images are good, but they miss a crucial element to how the Internet is composed, something the original developers had in mind.

The Internet can be accessed from any and every point. The image shows the Interenet as brachinging out in a linear fashion, but in reality any one of these points can be the start of the journey and interlink with any other.

The individual site / IP address, becomes the fragment that is capable of linking or gaining entry into the whole. This doesn’t have to be any page in particular, it is accessable from all points in the network.

Tim Berners-Lee says it better…


So now we have: 1) A scientific theory. 2) A poetic description. 3) A real life application.

In order to understand exactly what it means we have to have a MODEL. What model best describes the above 3? The best I’ve found, perhaps its an obvious choice, is a FRACTAL.

To me, the Fractal is the ‘Ultimate Holograph’. Its what a perfect Holographic Structure would look like.

A fractal is a theoretical image that has an infinite level of detail, and every detail is reflective in form and composition to every other level of detail. You can never reach an ultimate level of detail because it is infinitely detailed, you can never find something out of place, because each level of detail is a reflection of every other level of detail. There are many different types of Fractals, but this – a Mandelbrot Fractal – is the most aesthetic (I think). The other property of a Fractal is if you cut the image in half, not only would the remaining image have the same infinite amount of detail, but the ‘cut’ would be incorporated into the whole. You can’t halve infinity!

The properties of a Fractal in summary:

1. The parts reflect the whole.
2. Non-linear
3. Accessed at all points
4. Impossible to ‘break’ because its structure ‘retains detail’
5. Self-perpetuating
6. Never-ending, infinitely repeatable regardless of ‘where you are’ in the picture.

So… A Rough Definition of Holographic Structure


At the beginning, I asked what the Holographic Principle meant. That we’ve covered in very simple terms this evening. The other question i asked was: why is it important?

Something can only be important if it directly concerns you and it is of everyday relevance. It has come to my attention that this is very important for you all, because it is directly affecting you right now.
I need to explain that a Holographic structure can be very POWERFUL, when used as a means of organization. We can see that with the Internet – an increadible tool of disseminating andf distributing information; powerful, because of that’s what the inventors and developers intended. They wanted the Web to become the Ultimate democratizing process.

Given that we can call the Internet ‘Holographically’ structured, I would actually say that the Internet leaps way beyond what is possible in democracy. Democracy is rule by the majority, but the Internet allows every minority to be as ‘exposed’, ‘asseccible’ and ‘networked’ as any majority – not because of it simply being there, but because dimensionality of the web. The fragments reflect the parts, the mainstream links to the off-beat and vice versa – simply, because it resembles a Holographic structure.

Its been said that this powerful tool of comminication and information sharing has POSITIVELY revolutionized life – even that seemed clichéd now. But in essence, it has. It is not only entirely necessary, but has evolved to question traditional perceptions of authorship, of place, even time itself.

Naturally, because if the Internets structure, it poses a threat to anyone who would establish a hierarchy.

By the way, most of the information in the lecture is from the web…!

This Holographical model structure is indeed a powerful thing. As much as it can be used POSITIVELY, it can, and has, been applied extremely NEGATIVELY.

I would like to talk to about this this evening.

Banks: Holographic Power

P does not equal P plus I!

Here’s the only maths you need to know about if want to understand how the Holographic structure works NEGATIVELY (somewhat against your favour!).

P means ‘Principle’. I means ‘Interest’.

The equation describes how a bank loan works. Taking out a bank loan requires your signature – that is all – to grant ‘money’ that you promise to pay back plus the prearranged interest on that principle sum.

In many cases, the person requesting the loan is confident he/she can pay back the loan and interest, because his or her job is steady and there’s always revenue coming in. Most loans get settled this way, happily every after!



All ‘money’ is no more than a “promise to pay”. Money = Debt, not Value.

All money is created FROM NOTHING on request BY A BANK, every time someone demands a LOAN – ‘everyone’ being governments, corporations and individuals – EVERYONE. Even if you spend money, you’re just passing on the debt that was, at some point, issued by a bank at the request of a government, corporation or individual. Without loans from banks, there could be no money. Without money there could be no loans.

The term “legal tender” means that money is valueless, to the point that it must be enforced by law. If not, why would something of value need to be enforced?!

All money “loaned” into existence is on loan at interest. This interest can ultimately only be paid if there is enough money to do this. And since all money can only come from a bank loan, someone somewhere has to take out another loan just for there to be enough money to pay the original loan + interest. And so the self-perpetuating spiral of debt begins…

THIS SYSTEM IS BANKCRUPT BY DESIGN – and was as soon as the first loan was ever issued.

Its this simple: Try paying P + I with just P – you can’t!

The system is self-perpetuating because every loan requires another loan to be paid back, and the ignorance and innocence of the borrower “greases the wheels” of this mechanism.

Everyone – from governments, corporations and individuals becomes a HOSTAGE in this situation. This is FRAUD. If the borrower defaults, the bank owns the REAL ASSET pledged in collateral.

Pretty impressive!

1. The system is self-perpetuating: it creates its own perpetual necessity.
2. The fraud occurs because the inidivual is anaware of the true nature of the loan contract:
a) The LOAN is ‘money’ created out of NOTHING, the bank never had it in the first place.
b) ‘Money lent’ is evidence of DEBT, not value.
c) ‘Money spent’ is just the passing on of this debt.
d) ‘Money’ deposited is a LOAN back to a bank.
e) Though the individual can repay loans, this is not the case with society at large. P = P+I GUARENTEES the perpetuation of DEBT, or default.
f) The Hostage situation is born: Society at large must Borrow or Die! (stave off collapse)

An Everyday Example

There is another subtle put powerful plot. Let’s take an example:

Step 1: Person A wants to buy something from Person B, but requires a £1000 loan to do so.


Step 2: Person A requests the £1000 loan from his bank, promising to pay back the loan plus interest.


Step 3: With the £1000 loan now written into Person A’s account, he buys the item from Person B, and the £1000 loan money appears to transfer to that account of a different bank.


The process seems perfectly logical and LINEAR:


But really what is happening is an exchange of credit. With the original amount, the two banks now have a claim on TWO lots of £1000! Bank A will receive £1000 + interest, Bank B now claims a second lot of £1000.


Bank A recoups money it never had on interest.

Bank B receives this loan money, which is investable.

It doesn’t matter which banks the transaction goes between or who start where. The exchange of credit – the simple facts of debit and credit – multiply the accounts of all banks. In this essence, all banks in the banking system are a CLOSED NETWORK, effectively working as ONE BANK.


The illusion rests in the fallacy that money is linearly shifted from one place to another. In reality the distribution of “promise to pay” multiplies the claim on money, not in the accounts of the “depoitors”, but in the accounts of the banks.

It is the networked property of banking accountancy that creates the ‘magic’.

It’s this slight-of-hand that allows for the apathy of the individual:

“What do I care if I can spend it”?

The reality is that the individual may be able to pay off a loan, but the system is bankruptcy by design – foreclosures, indebtedness, lost buying power have been designed to increase over time, without you EVER HAVING TO CARE.

Pretty clever eh?
And Another Thing…

Another consequence of this system is that, given that banks can essentially hold governments and countries ransom – by electing how much money should be lent – their power of the issuance of credit allows them to appropriate the power of government.

Bankers become social engineers. Governments, committees and charities can be bought up, by dangling either the promise of financial grant, or the threat of financial ruin.

One of the properties of a Holograph is that the entire structure replicates at all levels. Like a networked virus, each individual part holds the same power as the whole, can escalate its own nesseity, and

So Where’s The Holograph?

1. Non-Linear:
Although the process seems linear to the individual (gradual and incremental loan repayments = loan repaid), the system itself is non-linear. It is this difference that leaves the individual innocent to the true nature of the contract he/she is signing the dynamics it has in commerce.
2. Multi-dimensional:
Based on this fallacy, the Bank is a multi-dimensional entity.
3. Accessed at All Points, Repeats at all Levels
Just as each branch as the same multi-dimensional quality, each branch is a replication and a compact version of the whole network, and is similarly networked with every other branch. This has NOTHING to do with communication. This is a network of function, a product of the properties of money. All banks are ONE BANK – the whole is indivisible by its fracturedness.
4. Self-perpetuating
Not only does the basic structure of banking allow it to be utterly relied upon, but this reliance amplifies with the creation of each new loan. The necessity for the Bank’s existence becomes ever-increasing and self-perpetuating. It is also fed by the voluntary action of the individual borrower – no force was necessary in order to become so dominant.

Last Words

The credit card bank three things:

1. Validation of the Debt in the form of accounting.
– They can’t do this because they never made a loss.
2. Verification of their claim in the form of a sworn affidavit or signed invoice.
– They can’t do this because the debt is to your legal fiction name, not your human name.
3. The contract that binds both parties.
– They can’t do this because they offered an unenforceable unilateral contract. A valid contract has full disclosure, equal consideration, lawful terms and conditions, and the signatures of both parties/meeting of minds.

The issue which has swept down he centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later, is the people versus the banks – lord acton, 1843-1902 english historian

Now, there is a timeline to all of this.
The mathematics of our equation (P=PI), theoretically allow the system to go on foverever.

But the psychological anticipation of such a state normally precipitates collapse ahead of time. People like me, lectures like this, are ten a penny! And our collective discovery of this system is what precipitates something NEW.

Then the question is. If a Holographic structure of organzation is so strong, as has perpetrated this ****** for so long, it is not a possibility that such a structure can be utilized beneficially? If the principle works – if its how the Universe works – surely it implies that it can be used for us instead of against us?

This evening is called ‘Shards of Utopia’.

Is that an excellent image of Utopia?

Here’s a quote from a book, called Seamless Breakage (out soon!):

Now you know: beware ‘Utopia’ as a solid, consolidated form – it will only burden you under its Gravity. Beware ‘Utopia’ that promises a never-ending holiday, the promise of so-called ‘sustainability’ – it cannot last, the Universe abhors stasis like it abhors the vacuum and the right angle. Now you know: construct Utopia as Flux. Maintained, yes, by laws, of honour. But now the time has come to know Utopia as it can only be: a continuum of breakage…forever in pieces.


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