Trump, And The Heart’s Lesson

It was Nietzsche who foresaw the dangers of mass media. He saw the movement from people’s views formed by their own experience, to a world in which people’s worldview would be formed by other’s opinions. We are now there. We are at that dystopian point, where people are so divorced from themselves and each other that they are utterly reliant upon being told what the truth is by mass media; so much so, that this addictive, compulsive consumption of other’s information passes for ‘being informed’.
The inspiration for this article starts with a debate I had today, with a 19 year old who claimed that Trump is akin to the KKK, that he hates the environment because he pulled out of the Paris agreement, and that he hates human beings, because of the former, latter and that anthropogenic global warming is real. I asked –
“What has Trump said that is racist?”
The boy replied, “are you kidding? Loads!”
“Like what?”
“Well for one, he said that blacks are lazy.”
“Show me. Prove it.”
The boy fumbled with his iphone to try to find the video, and instead showed me a clip of some women saying that CO2 is a harmless gas and plant nutrient, which is true.
“No, I want to see absolute proof that he said that,” I said.
“Well I can’t find the video right now… but you must admit that pulling out of the Paris climate agreement is bad for the planet.”
“No” I said. “The environmental agenda has been marketed as helping the environment, but in reality it is a scam to control the world’s resources.”
Shocked, the boy said “well, I just don’t like anything Trump says.”
This was just an isolated anecdote. I rarely debate people_—_not any more. I find calm debate has become impossible because the lies being presented by the media since Trump have become more gnarled and people’s worldviews have become ever more tangled as a consequence. This also makes debate ever more dangerous, because_—_as I will show in this article_—_Humans that are divorced from each other and divorced from themselves are prone to illogic, volatility, and violence.
This anecdote casually highlights the extent to which a person_—_who was very passionate about their beliefs, nonetheless_—_is so reliant on the presence of mass media to dictate their worldview, and that they consider living in a soup of never-ending external information ‘staying informed’.
My simple questions: where do you get your information from, and what do you do specifically to discern fact from fiction? If your answers are ‘mainstream media’ and ‘with logic’, the chances are you have a worldview built on utter fiction.
This exchange was sparked by the protests taking place in the UK today. As we both looked at the helicopter overhead, and heard the faint rabble of protests in our city, Edinburgh, Trump was the topic of the day.
Trump is many things. I will say, as others have said, that Trump is a cultural test. Trump poses the question: where do you get your information from? And what do you do specifically to discern fact from fiction? The results of the test in Scotland, at least, are visible in today’s protests.
There has been something called ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’_—_used to describe the outrageous, illogical and hypocritical acts perpetrated by the losing side, collectively called ‘the left’. However, I’m re-framing and re-naming the phenomenon, because I think its part of something much larger. I’m calling this phenomenon a Medieval Agenda.
The Medieval period was characterized by an extremely low ‘vibration’. By that I mean that life was characterized by ideologies, impulses, and reflexes that are underpinned by the low, negative end of the emotional spectrum: guilt, shame, sin, suffering, despair, hopelessness, grief, fear, worry, anxiety, panic, desire, craving, wanting, entrapment, resentment, anger, hatred, righteousness. This is the emotional underpinnings of the Medieval religious wars, the persecution of Christians, Jews and Muslims, the Crusades, the public humiliation and brutal, sadistic torture of anyone who didn’t adhere to strict laws, the declarations of hatred, and on, and on, and on.
What if I were to tell you that there is an agenda to create the same low vibratory environment today? And media is the main tool of that agenda…
As I write, protests have erupted over the UK. Never has a leader of the ‘free’ world received such a low vibratory response: “Honk if you hate Trump”, “Dump Trump”, “I’d Call Him A Cunt But He Lacks Depth And Warmth”, “Trump For Prison”, “Feed Him To The Corgis”… then there was the effigy of a head with blood streaming, suggesting a beheading.
This is what the Medieval Period looked like. A population disempowered, babyish, reactionary, violent, crying for MURDER.

Peter Fonda suggests that Barron Trump, 12 years old, should be “put in a cage with paedophiles”…
I’m calling this The Medieval Agenda, because it extends beyond Trump. Today I read an interview in The Guardian where Mark Thomas said that a member of parliament should be “publicly lashed in the street”, even though Mark Thomas claims to “support Human rights”:

The Guardian has even named the url link thus, in support of this view:
So-called comedians, so-called entertainers, so-called liberal newspapers…
Then we have nonsensical protests AGAINST FREE SPEECH…

…even though to protest against free speech, these people are exercising the very right they’re protesting against.
In order to get a feel for how Medieval all this is, here’s a rundown of a few Medieval torture techniques that were used specifically during The Crusades, in the name of GOD:
Judas Chair_—_Using ropes, a prisoner would be lowered above the pyramid-shaped “seat” with the point inserted into the anus or vagina. Victims would be tortured by intense pressure and stretching of the orifice, resulting in permanent damage. In many cases, the victim would succumb to rips in the muscle tissue that would later become infected. Weights would be added to facilitate the effect, often resulting in death by impalement.
Pear Of Anguish_—_This was used during the Middle Ages as a way to torture women who were accused of facilitating a miscarriage. It was also used to punish liars, blasphemers, and homosexuals. The device was inserted into one of the prisoner’s orifices_—_the vagina for women, the anus for homosexuals, and the mouth for liars and blasphemers (which is why it’s also known as the Choke Pear). The device featured four metal leaves that slowly separated from each other as the torturer turned the screw at the top. The torturer could use it to tear the skin, or expand it to its maximal size to mutilate the victim. It rarely caused death, but was often followed by other torture methods.
Breaking Wheel_—_The device was typically a large wagon wheel with radial spokes. Offenders were lashed to the wheel and their limbs beaten with a club or iron cudgel. The gaps in the wheel allowed the limbs to give way and break. Disturbingly, the survival time after being “broken” could be extensive, with some accounts of victims living for several days prior to succumbing to their mortal injuries.
Rat Torture_—_Rats have also been employed to perform torture. There were many variants, but a common technique was to force a starving rat through a victim’s body (usually the intestines) as a way to escape. To make it work, prisoners were completely restrained and tied to the ground or any horizontal surface. A rat was then placed on the stomach covered by a metallic container, which was gradually heated. The rat began to look for a way out, which inevitably meant through the victim’s body. Digging through the body usually took a few hours, resulting in a painful and gruesome death.
Breast Ripper_—_Also known as the Iron Spider, it was mainly used on women who were accused of adultery, self-abortion, heresy, blasphemy, or accused of being witches. It was also used for interrogations. The device, which was often heated during torture, contained four “claws” which were used to slowly and painfully rip off the breasts. The instrument would be latched onto a single breast of the woman. Blood sometimes splattered onto her children. If the woman did not die, she would be disfigured for the rest of her life.
…remember, this was all done in the name of GOD.
When we have public figures, ‘comedians’, ‘entertainers’, the media and a population legitimizing acts of violence and torture (putting people in cages, public lashings, beheadings), in the name of TOLERANCE, you can say that the Medieval Agenda has been fairly successful. It’s simply that these acts of violence are predicated not on organized religion, but organized LIBERALISM. The justification has changed, but the motive is the same as 1000 years ago. In a Medieval land, this is why it is simply too dangerous to debate those caught in ‘low vibration’. Their main tool is violence, justified by god or liberalism. It is the all same.
So how does this work? How have so-called ‘normal’ people converted themselves into monsters who sadistically cry and howl for the blood and tears of people they’ve never met_—_and for the blood and tears of their children? We are talking about CHILD ABUSE, LEGITIMIZED. When a species legitimizes the abuse of its young, it is running a race to it’s own extinction.
There are several layers to this phenomenon.
First, the main accessory of this syndrome is Political Correctness. Political Correctness instills a sense of Victimhood and Outrage at every corner. Political Correctness is a form of censorship, as a way of legitimizing limiting speech to certain words and phrases. 1000 years ago, this would have been done so as not to offend God. Today, political correctness is used against any viewpoint that is considered vanguard. Political Correctness politicizes every day life.
The net effect is that you have a population is cannot think and take responsibility for itself. It has to beg the government to intervene in every aspect of life. People protest. They childishly act out. They cannot cope with anything that opposes their viewpoint. They have become children. Guilt, shame, sin, suffering, despair, hopelessness, grief, fear, worry, anxiety, panic, desire, craving, wanting, entrapment, resentment, anger, hatred, righteousness.
The next layer is Perpetual Distraction: the people of the so-called developed world sleep with smart phones by their heads; they cannot fall asleep unless pumped with information; they carry out their day plugged into little white headphones; they’re ever-connected with their ‘friends’, exchanging inconsequential minutia; they eat food high in carbohydrates and sugars which produce a feeling of lethargy, making them more susceptible to the lies being pumped into them at every angle. Human beings exist in a complex web of assumptions, half-truths, and lies that are repeated at every level_—_from school, parents, upbringing, peer group, ego, mass media, online, books, television, art, culture, politics, work_—_to point that it becomes a logic that is violently defended. Search engine and social media algorithms ensure that people exist in their own bubbles, protected from any outside opinions. Their worldview becomes self-reinforcing, and when confronted with something that contradicts their worldview, they melt down, they want to leave, their brains have been made WEAK.
Is there a solution?
I return to my two questions everybody needs to ask themselves:
1. Where do you get your information from?
2. What do you do specifically to discern fact from fiction?
Since the mainstream is the forum for this Medieval agenda, I would advise that you exit the mainstream immediately. Turn away from mainstream media. It is only a tool in Medievalization. Acquire information form the SOURCE. No intermediaries or agencies. They cannot be trusted.
My answer to question number two is this…
When are you alone with yourself?
When are you simply feeling what is going on inside you?
When are you devoid of stimulus?
When are you curious to feel what emotions are inside you?
When was the last time you simply listened to your breath?
Ladies and gentlemen… indoctrination is only possible when you’re outside of the HEART. EMOTION will tell you what is right and wrong for you. EMOTION will tell you what really matters.
We have been separated from our emotions. We are taught that they’re subjective, and should be discarded over science; over logic. THE HEAD. For as long as you can be kept IN YOUR HEAD, with endless thoughts, endless informational stimulus, endless, self-reinforcing propaganda… you can be led as far as puppet-masters decide. You can be made to cry for other’s blood in the name of tolerance. You can be silenced. You can be nicely put to bed with the TV on, after a long day of mediocrity. You can get lost in logical debate. You can be made to chase external ideals with irrational expectations. You will take jobs that you know pay well, yet you’re miserable. You DO what others SAY is the right thing to do, and yet when you put your head on the pillow at night, you feel EMPTY. All because your world has been arranged by the linearity of logic. Logic is LINEAR. It only sees processes in a step by step arrangement. EMOTION can process the multi-dimensionality of every situation, INSTANTLY. Emotion sees further and deeper.
The HEART will tell you what’s right for you. You ought to be in the place you want to be in, all of the time. The heart knows where that is. Emotion will tell you where that is.
Sit in silence and FEEL the chaos inside yourself, and tell me, after 4 hours of doing so, if you really feel like protesting. All that inertia will dissipate. But you need to be STILL and SILENT, and listen to what the heart is telling you. THIS is how we return to an age in which we live based on our own information, rather than the information fed through mass media.
Trump, and the medium through which we come to know Trump (the internet), is a test of the HEART.
The protesters failed the test.
Peter Fonda failed the test.
Mark Thomas failed the test.
These people lacked the courage to look inside themselves. They will be the poster children of those who got stuck in their heads, chasing ideologies with decrepit hatred; they were not PRESENT in the HEART.
The test is waiting for you…


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