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Let’s say there are four types of mentalities. There is one – ‘Lose Lose’. Two – ‘Lose Win’. Three – ‘Win Lose’, and four – ‘Win Win’. Let’s look at each one individually.

Lose Lose. This mentality can be summed up by saying “I suck, and the world sucks. I’m pointless, the world is pointless, there’s no point”. This is the lowest mentality. It is true nihilism. It is the mentality of the suicide bomber, the school shooting, the suicidal airplane pilot. These situations are all ‘Lose Lose’ – there is no positive outcome, nor is there a desire for one.

Lose Win. This is can be summed up by saying “I’m poor, I’m lonely, I’m miserable. So I blame anyone who is rich, popular and happy”. Lose Win is the mentality of the VICTIM. Lose Win is the mentality of the PROTESTER. If you protest, you automatically frame yourself as the LOSER. It doesn’t matter what the cause is, it doesn’t matter whether your intention is good: PROTEST REINFORCES VICTIMHOOD. Victimhood cannot solve itself, it is only self-reinforcing. Victims only attract other victims. The ‘Lose Win’ mentality is very tempting, because it pardons us from being responsible for ourselves. It is always easier to blame others for our situation, than it is to take responsibility for our own situation.

Win Lose. This mentality says “I’m great, but you suck. So it’s my way or the highway”. At it’s extreme, Win Lose manifests as revenge. If you listen to Hip Hop, the attitude in many of the songs gravitates between self-pity (Lose Win) and vengeance (Win Lose). But ‘Win Lose’ can be subtler than that… ‘Win Lose’ is the mentality of all self-appointed authority, religions, and ideologies: Win Lose says “there is only one way, and I am opposed to anything that is not that way. If you don’t wave this flag, you’re nothing. If you don’t obey these rules, you will be punished.” But Win Lose is even subtler than that… Win Lose is actually the mentality of most businesses, corporations, governments, institutions and organizations. For example, when an employee is inducted into a company, the company doesn’t usually care what new perspectives the employee could contribute. All the company cares about is how well the employee can fulfill the duties of the role. It sounds obvious and reasonable – why would a company change its organization just for one employee? The answer is simple: if an organization doesn’t provide the space for the employee to contribute their unique, individual perspective, then the company is compromised into a rigid position, that cannot change unless the employees are replaced. And the employee is compromised because their perspective is disregarded, and their contribution is judged based on the narrow criteria of the company. And this is why our governments, institutions and businesses and in a state of barely perceptible but very real and perpetual disintegration: their structure does not allow for synergy… in other words, there is no space for ‘Win Win’…

‘Win Win’ is the ideal. With ‘Win Win’, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. When two people come to an agreement that is truly ‘Win Win’, a space is created that allows for something is that far better than each had first envisioned. When people are completely open with each other, without agenda, listening, contributing, the results can surprise everyone. ‘Win Win’ is one natural consequence of true self-responsibility.

How many organizations do you see based on Win Win? Not many. Win Win requires high maturity; it requires the ability to listen empathetically, communicate sincerely, and visionary, open thinking. In other words, it requires being truly responsible. Only Win-Win can unleash unknown human potential.

I view this society, and I see it gravitating between Lose Win and Win Lose. In Lose Win, I see the protests; The pointless vandalism; The lack of vision; The lack of imagination; The whinging, the whining, the blame. I see crowds of protesters, who can barely wash themselves, and barely have the desire to lift themselves out of their alcoholic stupor, and yet complain that their government treats them like children. I see the over-entitled, infantile unemployed, who call themselves ‘Socialists’, and yet complain of ‘austerity’ – they forget that socialism and austerity are synonymous. Socialism and austerity are synonymous! You can’t have socialism without austerity and you can’t have austerity without socialism – show me a socialist country where everyone lives in luxury. It doesn’t exist!

In ‘Win Lose’, I see a robotic, unwavering adherence to all rules, no matter how facile and petty. I see the humorless armies of low-level security personnel, in every cinema, supermarket, and library. And I see a population that is oh-so compliant, brainwashed in rules-based living, raised in paranoia. I see the robotic and unwavering adherence to social conditioning; the judgment of anyone with an alternative viewpoint, underscored with the fear of being outcast. I see the inability of organizations to accommodate synergy and spontaneity, and the refusal to recognize the value individual. I see a society that values the state, authority and conformity over growth, expansion and new experience.

This is really what is at stake. Think how much human sponteniety, creativity and progress is stifled by poor mentalities. Then think how much human sponteniety and creativity could be unleashed if we embraced a Win Win way of thinking.

Unfortunately, its my opinion that the Win Win mentality will not emerge here until after the consequences of Lose Win and Win Lose mentalities have run their course. You see, everything – whether it’s human societies or processes in nature – have to run their course. Its just the way it is.

So, anything less than the Win Win mentality only leads to one place: complete disintegration and collapse. If you’d like an idea of what this looks like, take a look at Venezuala. Food shortages. Electricity shortages. Food riots. Totalitarianism. One of the highest murder rates in the world. Starvation. The collapse of sanitation and medical infrastructure. Chaos. Just the usual Socialist nightmare.

The reason why I’m so certain that the same fate awaits Western Europe is that there is absolutely no evidence of a change of mentality. Infact, I see the Lose Win and Win Lose mentality reinforced at every turn, even by people with very good intentions.

So, what is the point of this video? First, if you’re watching this video, I want you to accept that the collapse is inevitable: the government is going to get nasty, violent, and punitive. Then, the people will lose their minds when they finally realize that governments don’t have the ability to manage anything. Societal collapse is inevitable, with all that implies. Because most have the Lose Win or Win Lose mentality, you can be certain that this will manifest itself as self-pity, suicide, violence, vengeance, protest, destruction.

Second, I want you to be conformable with the idea that this collapse is inevitable. Like death, we all have to die. And we all have to watch loved-ones die. That’s life. It’s very upsetting, when you see someone you love breathe their last breath, but it is necessary. Somewhere, you can find comfort in this idea: Autumn is rainy, Winter is desolate, but the Spring comes, and life restarts.

In the same way, this collapse is entirely natural and NECESSARY. It is required, before something better can be built. As you are expecting the collapse, you will become an observer. You can find an inner peace in the acceptance of the events as they are, and you will not get caught up in the same emotions as the masses.

Third – as you are now aware that this collapse is underway, and that it is necessary. I would like you to begin to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. I want you to graduate out of a Lose Win and Win Lose mentality, and into a mentality that is based on SELF-RESPONSIBILITY. On a basic level, this means practicing self-reliance. In all it’s forms – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Grow your own food; be your own teacher; divine your own information; listen to your own instinct. Rely on YOURSELF in all aspects. Become spontaneous. Become creative. And turn away from anything that prevents you from doing so.

So, if you’ve found this video interesting, I highly recommend the book, ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’, but Steven Covey. He talked about the four mentalities in more detail, among other things.

I would like to finish by reading five quotes, also quoted in Steven Covey’s book. These are quotes that I really like:

Marlin Ferguson:
No one can persuade another to chnge. Each of guards a gate of chage that can only be opened from the inside. We cannot open the gate of another either by argument or be emotional appeal.

Thomas Paine:
That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly. It is dearness alone that gives everything its value.

I know of no other more encouraging fact, than the unquestioning ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.

Samuel Johnson:
The fountain of content must spring up in the mind, and he who has so little knowledge of human behavior has to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition, will waste his life in fruitless efforts and multiply the grief he proposes to remove.

Victor Franco:
Man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather must understand that it is he who is asked… each man is questioned by life, and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life. To life, he can only respond by being responsible.


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