Magic And You

My grandpa once told us about the time he and grandma were at a party. At some point at this party someone brought out a Ouija board. Everybody sat round and began to hold the pointer and ask the board questions. Everybody’s hands slowly moved. More questions were asked, and the pointer moved faster and faster. According to my grandpa, it was moving so fast; it was a challenge to keep up with what it was spelling. Then someone asked the board, “is there a God?” Without hand contact, the pointer flew off the table and smashed into wall. Grandpa grabbed my grandma and left the party immediately.
This is a veiled world. There are phenomena all around us that our cultures do not account for, do not acknowledge, and ridicule anyone who gives them credence. If you’re on the fence about this, I DARE you to go into a dark forest and play with a Ouija board. You’ll get some very immediate evidence. It’s not a toy. Our cultures (including religions) do not equip us with the tools to make sense of the full spectrum of reality. We are truly babes in the wood, haunted by shapes and sounds that we don’t yet understand.
This is a veiled world. I might SPELL a word. But the same word may be a SPELL. Magicians cast spells. Who’s to say what spells you are inadvertently casting, for magicians unknown? Who’s to say, what spells are being cast over you? …Are you aware that television and newspapers are mandated to restrict their vocabulary in their reporting? There’s more than one dictionary_—_are you so sure that you UNDERSTAND? _ …
To say ‘understand’ in normal conversation is to say ‘comprehend’. To say ‘understand’ in a legal context is to say ‘stand under’: “Do you understand?” = “do you stand under my words? Do you CONSENT?” The difference in meaning is the difference between giving your consent, and not giving your consent. It is the difference between bending over and having someone else choose what should be inserted in you, at what speed, and at what force… and saying ‘NO_—_I will not consent’. Can you see how not comprehending this reality allows your free will to be toyed with? Babes in the wood…
This is a veiled world. We love our cats. We pet our cats. Who’s to say that our habit of keeping cats as pets pleases reptilian beings, (who see us as their pets), because feline animals have genetics in common with reptilians? This is a veiled world. We may love cinema. We are moved by the story lines and the characters’ performances. Who’s to say that each film encodes within it a completely different meaning, that unless you were aware of what clues to look for, you could know and love the same film for a lifetime and be oblivious that it communicates to an ulterior audience. This is a veiled world. You may walk down the same street every day for a lifetime. But that street could have been strategically placed to form a subtle geometry. The human body puts out an electromagnetic field. What happens when electromagnetism is arranged in geometric formation? You have a dynamo. For what purpose could human energy be appropriated? This is a veiled world. Children may play video games. They shoot people. A child puts out an incredible amount of energy, because their adrenal and nervous systems are less clogged by pollutants than adults. Back in the day, people and animals were sacrificed, and the adrenaline and emotion would open a space to call forth demons and spirits. Who’s to say that the sacrifice of virtual people does not produce the same opening? You may see a politician and see the most genuine and warm person. You may shake their hand, and their smile may look sincere. All this, and the same person could be engaged in the ritual abuse, torture and cannibalization of toddlers. There are hundreds of thousands of children who disappear every year_—_Between. One. Footstep. And. The. Next. This is a veiled world. But the veil is lifting. The how and the why of it all_—_that can wait. For now, the most important thing to know about the world is that as we progress, we are lifting veil after veil, venturing beyond the small patch of forest our cultures have kept us in for so long. And with each step, we’ll look back, and the truth of our limited cultures will become clearer and clearer. Some of this process is going to be very uncomfortable, because our present cultures have not prepared us for it.
One of the uncomfortable aspects of this process is how a lot of our cultural output_—_especially art, film and music_—_communicates two ways. One way for the uninitiated, and one way for the initiated. 2001 Space Odyssey was a thought-provoking science fiction film about artificial intelligence, which we like to say was ‘ahead of its time’. But anyone who knows Egyptian-appropraited Masonic symbolism must be in denial, if they think that 2001’s Masonic symbolism is accidental. Symbolism that isn’t consciously intercepted plays with the subconscious and runs amok… Why do you avoid walking under ladders? _
Let’s say you attend an evening of ‘performance art’. Let’s say a prominent artist performs what she calls a ‘Spirit Cooking’. ‘Spirit Cooking’ is something Aleister Crowley used to do, right? Oh, Crowley_—_he was a naughty boy! Satanists, you gotta laugh_—_no such thing as Satan, or spirits… so it’s a fun evening, with wine and Spirit Cooking performance, and socializing. The artist answers questions at the end. The questions are polite, as are her answers. There are titters, and claps, and some philosophy. How lovely.
Now let’s say the patron of the performance artist is a prominent person in politics, who leans to the liberal left_—_just as most of the art world does. Let’s say he is an avid art collector. In his collection_—_at his mansion_—_there are many artworks. When you walk into the large entrance hall, you see a large, gold sculpture of a decapitated woman, by Louise Bourgeois. At the top of the double staircase, there’s a painting of a line of children in swimsuits. They have their backs the viewer with their heads turned round. Their hands cover their buttocks, where the artist has emphasised a red colour, indicating that the children are all bleeding from the anus. This artist, like the Spirit Cooking artist, was abused as a child. In each of their ways, their work is ‘cathartic release’ of their abuse experience_—_at least that’s what the art press says.
Now let’s say, that the same prominent patron has a heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and a sauna. The leisure complex is underground, and soundproofed. Let’s say that nominated ‘donors’ breed children. These donor families rear their children for sex and bondage. The children are brought to the patron’s leisure facility once a month. The patron and close friends abuse the children, in whatever way that satisfies. On their twelfth birthday, each child is taken to a soundproofed room, crucified and skinned alive. The rule is that the blood of the infant must be collected, passed around and ingested.
For the gallery attendees, who experienced a charming evening, they witnessed a ‘Spirit Cooking’_—_a MAGIC ritual. But the attendees could not see magic, because they are ensnared by a culture that views MAGIC as make-believe. The gallery-goers, the pop-philosophers, the spectators and the masses_—_all of culture_—_are not armed with the tools to discern magic. That doesn’t stop MAGIC being real. The magic is playing with your subconscious, by your mere exposure to it. Like spells. Like words, CAST. Like video games. Like film. Like media. Your culture = you’re cultured. Being cultivated = being GROOMED.
For the patron, he is the initiated. The purpose of child abuse, torture and cannibalization is Spirit Cooking. A magic ritual. Calling forth spirit. Do not mistake child abuse for sexual deviancy_—_understanding the true nature and extent of this form of ritual is just one uncomfortable aspect of our progress as humanity.
Art can communicate both ways. It’s imperative that you understand this. Good intentions are not enough to prevent your free will from being toyed with, your energy from being appropriated, or (if you’re an artist) your art hanging on a satanist’s wall. If you’re an artist, you have a special obligation to be ultra-aware of how your own production can be siphoned to feed magic.
How do you prevent this from happening?
You must make an important distinction.
Satanism, or misanthropy, is just a general name for a philosophy that is anti-human. I don’t like to use the term Satanism, because there is no single entity called ‘Satan’; it’s another silly bible myth. Nevertheless, the purpose of offering children in sacrifice is the ultimate anti-Human gesture because it is literally killing Human potential. Then, every ounce of hopelessness and agony that the infant experiences leverages the power of the gesture. The huge energy output of a child in pain literally opens up dimensions. That open space is like a portal that any thing can walk into. This philosophy is real; it is pervasive in the ‘upper management’ class of society.
The stepping-stone to satanism is Transhumanism. In order to buy into satanism, you have to believe that Humans are inherently useless and flawed. Religions already preach Transhumanism, in that they say we’re sinners. ‘Sin’ in ancient tongue means ‘having genetic defect’. Science calls the DNA it cannot explain ‘junk’. Thus, Science and Religion are on the same page as Transhumanism. Through Science and Religion in the trash, for trash is what they are.
The stepping-stone to Transhumanism is Liberal Ideology. Hmmm…. Tricky. Liberal Ideology is composed of Marxism, Feminism, Environmentalism, Multiculturalism and others. “But it’s liberalism, right? Liberal = freedom, right?” Words. Spells. Wake up! You must comprehend that every liberal social movement has been appropriated by an establishment and used as a Trojan horse, so that Transhumanism is an easy sell. Every liberal social movement is 1) used to create disharmony 2) used to allow science to take the place of common sense 3) separate humans from the world 4) has some element of self-pity or blame 5) has some element of revenge and fight. With these elements, far from offering freedom and progress, liberal ideology sucks you into a hole of disharmony, non-critical thinking, and cynicism, where the only conclusion is that humans are fundamentally irresponsible, and so they must be legislated into acting in a certain way, in the name of freedom. This is the incongruence of liberalism.
But, if you’re fed a steady stream of political correctness, the liberal ideology is just a formalized version. And how pervasive if political correctness? It is everywhere, for the purpose of selling you liberal ideology, so that you can buy into Transhumanism, so that ultimately, a misanthropic philosophy is the only philosophy in town. This is the agenda, if you will.
As a Human being, you have a choice. You can educate yourself about reality, so that you know what your options are. There’s an option to value Human life, and there’s an option to not value Human life.
I choose to value Human life. I reject anything that leads to satanism. I reject anti-humanism. I reject Transhumanism. I reject Liberal Ideology. I reject all artists who do not have a Humanitarian ethos. Are you with Humanity or against Humanity? This is the distinction you must make.
This is a veiled world. Lift the veil, make your choice.


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