The Resolution

Shamelessly and fearlessly imagine what you want. Picture it, walk around it, see it from all angles, and assume you’ve already got it. Then go after it. Let it take over. Be obsessed. Broadcast your obsession… And repeat.

Once upon a time, we were born on the land. We worked the land. We had children. They worked the land. We died. This was enough. An automatic life built by instinct and survival. No responsibilities, other than to carry out daily tasks, as required.

But that is not our life. We are being cornered, pushed, and dragged out of the automatic life, into a life of Advanced Responsibility.

You can feel a pressure building. The pressure is asking us to do more, to experience more, to be more. The pressure is asking us: what do we really want? The pressure is calling us to focus on every habit, every relationship, every career choice, every location, every thought, every daydream, every meal, every purchase, every distraction, every focus, and every intention. It is pulling everything in our life into microscopic focus, and asking us: is this what we want? If not, what do we want? What do we want to become? Who is our advanced, responsible, future selves? What does that person look like? What is that person doing, from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute?

This is advanced responsibility – and it’s the lesson that is creeping into every aspect of our life, expanding, until it’s the undeniable force in the centre of our world. Advanced Responsibility is the lesson and meaning of power – the power to create, and to take full responsibility for what we create.

Why this pressure? Its just time to evolve. The other options have been played out. The despotism. The monarchy. The serfdom. The rules. The regulations. The limitations. The life lived by chance. The life lived by someone else’s ultimatums. The jobs we hate. The disappointments. The relationships we regret. The u-turns. The careless mistakes. The sour grapes. The cynicism. The withheld energy. The vengeance. The banned, the forbidden, the punishment, the restriction. We’ve all been there – over and over and over again – we know enough of what we don’t want. Our collective realization is the only thing required – we have cornered ourselves into the last option: advanced responsibility. The lies of the media, the politicians, the mainstream institutions of medicine, energy and nutrition are so palpable, they’re pushing and parading whatever we don’t want before us, and its turning us away. They’re selling corpses and telling everyone its candyfloss. Whatever we don’t want is being mirrored back to us by the mainstream.

We will acknowledge what we don’t want, and what we’ve have. We will take full responsibility for it. We will see how our decisions and processes have created everything in our experience – our complacency between each other is the same complacency we have for the affairs of our governments. Complacency dooms our personal relationships, just as it dooms us to live under tyranny.

We will commit to learn from these mistakes. The bad decisions and the complacency serve a purpose – they refine the definition of what we don’t want and clarify what we do want. The bigger the emotional impact, the better they’ll serve our clarification. Errors also exist so that we can better relate to those who make the same errors. Few mistakes are unique to the individual – there are always others to teach and others who want to learn advanced responsibility.

We will be quiet. We will turn away from distractions and look into ourselves. We will make clear connections with ourselves and become aware of the things we want. We will learn to separate the things we think we want, from the things we actually want. The things we suppose we want have little emotional impact – they’re just points on a to-do list. They’re easily scheduled a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. We’ll never do them, and never need them. The things we REALLY want are BIG visions that knock the chessboard over – they’re so outrageous, so audacious, they become stunning, colorful, laughable, joyous, ridiculous, and we’ll be ready to go after them before anything else.

We will make every day a journey towards our vision. We will make sure that whatever we’re doing is what we want to do. We will take care that the clothes we wear, the cutlery we eat with, the thoughts we have, are in line with our future selves. We will move in the direction we want to go in, and always find ourselves in the place we need to be. And we will understand that ultimately, it won’t be a destination; it will simply be leverage to new experience.


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