Your World Will Collapse

The world is splitting in two. The split has taken two decades to form, now the players on the stage are taking their final positions, before the last fissure makes two completely separate worlds. The divide is between those who are ready to embrace change, and those stubborn trees who refuse to bend in the wind. The divide is between those who are questioning reality, and those who defend the existing reality. The divide is between those who are truly living the avante garde, by defying the laws of culture, and those who are merely paying lip service to change. The divide is between self-development, and ideology. The divide is between those who are walking the path of self-growth and exploration, and those who think that walking the path of self-growth is posting a Tony Robbins quote and a picture of a sunrise on Facebook.
This split has enormous implications, and will define the destiny of the world, the solar system, and the galaxy. This picture is bigger than we could ever imagine. For those of us on Earth, it means our societies are currently experiencing mass dissonance: this is a divide that cannot be bridged, reversed or or patched up. This phenomenon is trickling down into every aspect of lived experience. Organisations that once carried themselves with such confidence, are now putting up emotional sandbags and bracing themselves for a storm that will disintegrate their stupid ideals. And as the winds of change howl they can only coil like smoldering cigarettes. Politicians, economists, and all institutional ‘experts’ look tired_—_the louder they cry, the harder reality seems to defy their theories. How could Brexit be allowed to happen? How could Trump get in? What the HELL is happening?!?… How could the experts get it wrong? How could the media propaganda onslaught fall so profoundly on its face?… it’s nothing more or less than the dissonance of two worlds…
The media is case in point. I like to read the UK Guardian newspaper for indications of exactly what NOT to think. However, between Brexit and the US Election, the tone of the headlines has changed. I saw this caption calling for support:

The whole text would be perfectly neutral, were it not for the title “After Dispair” …! This is book-ended by the phrase “we believe our perspective matters.” These are statements of disempowerment. These words are being written through tears or gritted teeth or both, by an organization that can no longer conceal its seething ideology. The veneer of journalistic neutrality broke long ago.
Here’s another interesting piece, calling for respite from social media_—_apparently too ‘turbulent’ for the Guardian reader. Again, one can sense the couldron of disempowerment is boiling over:

The Guardian journalist_—_a Renee Zellweger lookalike_—_grips a consoling warm mug with both hands, staring out of the office window, blinking tearful eyes.
For the journalists, here’s an honest warning: if you choose to organise your life around an ideology; if you choose to go against the flow; if you choose to believe the mainstream narrative; if you choose to defend the garbage of institutional experts; if you choose logic over emotion, if you choose to quantify instead of intuit, if you choose to theorise intend of feel, if you choose same-old over self-development, if you choose technology over Nature, you can expect the following symptoms: depression, fatigue, sleep disturbance, contentious interactions with others, violent thoughts, delusions, aneurism, blood clots, brain bubbles, stroke, cancer, abnormal heartbeats, hormonal changes, social isolation, dementia, Alzheimer’s, manic episodes, death… Now, how can I be so sure of this?
The answer is simple… The splitting of worlds is underpinned by a movement towards GREATER SELF-AWARENESS. This divide is being driven by humanity’s intent to become more aware of itself_—_and this is the point: self-awareness is the grand intent of nature itself. If you wanted a ‘theory of everything’ or a ‘meaning of life’, this would be it: the meaning of existence is to experience itself in greater and greater levels of awareness. So to become more self-aware is to be in the flow of all of Nature. And if you refuse self-awareness, you are going against the flow of Nature. Nature will allow this to an extent_—_Nature always ALLOWS everything to a point_—_until, one day, nature hands you an ultimatum: a difficult decision, an emotional situation, a terminal illness, a tsunami, a sink hole, an avalanche, an act of vengeance, ‘bad luck’ that puts a highlighter pen through every life decision up to the present. And at that point, you’re either going to go with nature, or turn to dust to be re-used into Nature’s flow. To be clear: none of this is given to punish us_—_just like I wouldn’t wish bad health on any journalist, Nature doesn’t exact revenge_—_it just knows where its going and its not going to be stopped. Death, illness, disaster, Autumn, Winter_—_these are pivots that progress Nature’s momentum…
Above I wrote that we need one last fissure to complete the separation of worlds. This is the Final Act. The Final Act takes the form of COLLAPSE. And by collapse, I mean the collapse of everything: the money system, ideologies, religions, the global distribution of goods, communications, the climate, the magnetosphere… it’s all collapsing, so that that it can be re-used into the flow of nature.
We have the intent to build a new world, based on a greater self-awareness… now Nature will respond in kind and provide the change necessary to collapse what refuses this evolution.
Actually, that’s a half-truth. We ARE nature. It is our desire for a new world, and our withdrawal from the systems and structures of the old world, which will help the collapse along. Nature will just add the finishing touches_—_the tsunamis, the earthquakes and the tornadoes. It is humanity, through greater self-awareness, that will complete the splitting of worlds. This is messy process, but only because so much of our world has been built AGAINST Nature. An Earthquake isn’t usually a problem_—_the animals sense danger, move out of the way, then return home. But humans have mortgages, jobs, bank accounts, “the kids need to go to school”, “we just re-did the bathroom”_—_we self-impose awkward, tenuous structures and schedules that Nature can snuff out. The Collapse will be messy, for sure… but it is GOOD, it is Natural, it is underpinned by greater self-awareness.
* * *
I travel on the astral plane to the Guardian office. I appear before the tearful journalist as an angel, and deliver the following message: This time, like no other, is calling you to the echo chamber of your hopes and dreams, to manifest greater self-awareness. It is asking you to consciously CHOOSE what it is you want, instead of reacting to what it is you don’t want. What is it that you want? This time is calling you to act in full awareness of yourself and your own power to pull towards you that which you consciously want. This time is calling you to the true responsibility that comes with being authentic, self-aware, transparent and present: the responsibility of a fully-conscious being, that has transcended the automation of the animals, that has transcended the uncontrolled reflexes of self-pity and vengeance_—_time is calling you to BECOME SELF-AWARE. Go deeper into yourself. Know your own shadow. Be vulnerable and transparent. Go deeper into the world. Your world is all falsehood. All the money earned is a game to concentrate power into the hands of the few and exploit the labours of the many. All the things you call modern conveniences are tournequets that mask the deficiencies of your systems and structures. All the marvels of technology of the last 100 years are built on limited principles and will fail. The standards of modern day technology_—_alternating current and circuitry_—_are limited technologies, skimmed off the top of vast resources that have been withheld, designed to fail. Your food delivery system, which totally relies on both money and technology, will consequently fail. The media is another system that will fail. Go past the falsehood of the world, to find reality. Why will these things fail? They will fail precislely because you will see the falsehood in them. YOU are the pillar that holds the system together. When you can see these systems and structures for WHAT THEY ARE, they will DISGUST you. YOU will then consciously choose to withdraw from these systems, and so, they will collapse. And after the collapse, the echo chamber will be devoid of anything but your own hopes and dreams. What is it that you want? This time is calling you to the true responsibility that comes with being authentic, self-aware, transparent and present: the responsibility of a fully-conscious being. Your evolving self-awareness will split the world and collapse falsehood. And in the same instant, your self-awareness will answer the call of time_—_to make the world anew.


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