Category: Poetry

  • Lies


    Tom lies but tells you he does so Tom ties truth into a bow Tom is Tom neither friend nor foe He pries and plies and unties the bow He pries and unties all that you know ¬ítil all the truth will Tomishly flow Flowing from the mouth with the untied bow Flowing from the […]

  • Fifteen Haikus

    From the seed: the crop Nature¬ís sequence is a knot From the crop: the seed Third eye sees further But the other two blind it Still it can be healed Victimhood is learnt Un-learn by Observation None else will save you Resist: it persists Let the dynamo spin lust Into genius Body-temple dies Never forget […]

  • Chaucer Poem

    Lo these days of lakkyng governaunce, Mankynde himself his soul emcombraunce, But yonde this age of unlykly rot, Remember now what shullen be forgot; Al Terestre koude brenneth a-morwe, And for al Earth’s peyne Mars hath no sorwe.