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  • Banknote artist Tom Badley introduces his gold-staked NFTs

    Banknote artist Tom Badley introduces his gold-staked NFTs
  • No Lazy Masterpieces.

    No Lazy Masterpieces.

    A masterpiece is a work of art of “outstanding creativity, skill, profundity, or workmanship”. Not all creators aspire to make masterpieces, but I do — I believe that life is to be lived constructively, and that means committing to excellence. How high can excellence go and to to what lengths can one go to achieve […]

  • A New Chapter…

    A New Chapter…

    I made this series as a culmination of everything I had learnt, in terms of technique, since joining the crypto art community. One year ago, almost to the day, I attended CoinFest in Manchester, as a curious outsider. Since then and over the last 12 months, I’ve been engaged in making artwork on a full-time […]

  • Las Parabolas: Its All A Game

    Las Parabolas: Its All A Game

    The events in the world are part of a grand dream we create for ourselves. Deep down, we all know the game we play: life is a series of experiments, designed to give us the best chance of personal evolution. In this way, each one of us contributes to the evolution of the whole. The […]

  • Art Of The Great Awakening: 3 point manifesto

    Art Of The Great Awakening: 3 point manifesto

    I Commit To Being Exceptional Prior to the industrial revolution, all artists were required to be exceptionally talented. Then we invented machines that could create things faster, more uniform, and more perfect that we could make them. This provided the excuse for art to become purposefully lazy. The cover story for laziness has been ‘Humanness’, […]

  • Republica De Las Parabolas

    Republica De Las Parabolas

    A new series of artworks to celebrate the essence of crypto speculation, and ’stellar’ price discovery… 2019: Backstory The most popular of my artworks of 2019 was the ‘Republica De Los Deplorables’ — a group of five banknote designs that featured celebrated whistleblowers and avatars of information dissemination, with the context of our unravelling social […]

  • BANANAS Part III: Self-Governance

    BANANAS Part III: Self-Governance

    Step 1: Correct your posture, place your back against a wall. Press your spine on the wall with your arms out and the backs of your hands against the wall. Tuck your chin into your neck and press your head into the wall. Then press your tongue into the roof of your mouth. Repeat daily. […]

  • BANANAS Part II: Evolution

    BANANAS Part II: Evolution

    Victimhood – to the play the victim. The flip side of the victimhood impulse is vengeance – to lash out in retribution. Both impulses are well engrained in Humanity. From organized religion, to secular culture, victimhood and vengeance have been woven into Human societal organisation, behaviour and art. These impulses manifest in situations as diverse […]

  • BANANAS Part I: Cultural Singularity

    BANANAS Part I: Cultural Singularity

    ‘The Singularity’ is a point in which technological progress becomes entropic and irreversible. I personally do not believe in this hypothesis because entropy is a computer model; it doesn’t take into account how progress in nature is an ebb and flow, of tension building and tension releasing. A full, Galactic, anthropological review, would uncover civilisations […]