The Politics Of The Unrepresentable

The meaning and origin of words reveals their intent. The programmed emotional associations that can be attached to words allow their intent to go undetected. If that happens, those who are unaware of the meaning and origin of the word are the victims of a deception. Such a deception exists with the word ‘Culture’.
For most, the word Culture is associated with an aquaintance of taste in arts, hunaities and sciences. However, the origin of the word derives from ‘Cultus’, meaning a tilled piece of land. In this sense, the products of ‘Culture’ are ‘Cultivated’ by a farmer, who has autonomy over his ‘Culture’. Therefore, those who have been ‘Cultured’ are dependent on the autonomy of the source that ‘Cultivates’. How do we gain autonomy? Why, the only way would be to live freely, without ‘Cultivation’, without the depency of a farmer, who decides what should survive and thrive, or be thrown on the compost heap.
In essence, this analogy serves to the make the following point: those who are ‘Cultured’ – by definition of the word – cannot represent the totality of the Culture of which they form. The only way to represent the ‘Culture’ is by going outside of it, with anonymity, and by resisting represenation ‘within Culture’.
Now let’s bring this to the real world: The events in Greece will trigger a systemic failure of the global financial system, in which Country after Country defaults on its untenable debts. The sudden devaulation of globally traded currecnies has the following inevitable outcome: financial collapse, commercial collapse, political collapse, social collapse and finally, cultural collapse.
Those who consider themselves ‘Cultured’ have the most to lose. They have the most psychological investment in the validity of the Culture in which they claim to contribute to. And so, they will be the last to understand exactly what is happening. The ‘Cultured’ will measure everything in tired old belief systems (Left Wing vs. Right Wing, Pro/Anti), attempt to frame all outside of ‘Culture’ as mere ‘obscurity’, when it will be Culture that is falling away from under the feet of the ‘Cultured’!
The declaration of the emergence of The Unrepresentable is revealing, in so far as it is a declaration from ‘inside Culture’: the members of the artworld, the intelligencia, noble prize winners, metrosexuals, magazine editors!…the admission that this global ‘movement’ is Unrepresentable only proves its success in remaining outside of Cultural representation!
As a member of this ‘movement’, I would like to speed the process of Cultural collapse by offering a definition of what ‘Culture’ claims to be unrepresentable: This ‘movement’ can be considered a general ‘awakening’. The premise of this ‘awakening’ has already been outlined: Culture is not, as we are lead to believe, a product of honest human effort, but is Cultivated, guided, and steered by a force that appropriates human effort for its own agenda. The deception of Culture is that is allows those who are ‘Cultured’ to believe that they are free, when the agaenda of’ that which Cultivates tends to the opposite direction: to tyrrany. The analogy above mentioned ‘the famer’. But we can be specific. If you follow the origin of every move against human freedom, against every effort of control, you will be lead to one institution: the Central Bank.


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