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    The collection is now available to view on Scarce.City (click to view) Bitcoin 2023 will host its largest-ever art gallery with a special focus on ordinals, the project changing tokenized artwork forever… An auction of pieces featured in the Bitcoin 2023 art gallery will be run by Scarce.City …works featured in the sale: Banderas.gif as […]

  • LOL: The Laws Of Luxury Part I

    LOL: The Laws Of Luxury Part I

    Luxury is being redefined by unprecedented socioeconomic change. The classical view of luxury seems to be fragile in the face of new technologies and aspirations. Complex polarities are emerging between demographics, with each demanding their own personalized, bespoke experience. What of ‘luxury’ is reliably unchanging, and what is emergent that brands can take advantage of? […]

  • Seven Sins Of Luxury Design In 2019

    Seven Sins Of Luxury Design In 2019

    New trends bring new challenges and new pitfalls. Here are the seven deadly sins within the luxury design space to watch out for over the next few years… 1. Not knowing what luxury looks like This is not as obvious as it seems. It’s also number 1 because it’s the most important. What Waitrose calls […]

  • The Death, Return & Transcendence Of Genius

    The Death, Return & Transcendence Of Genius

    This year commemorates the 500 year anniversary of the death of Leonard da Vinci. This is inspiring me to make new work, as well as an accompanying essay. Coming soon! Here’s a synopsis: “The meaning of the work of old masters is frozen in time. The lengths to which they went and the personal sacrifices […]

  • Is Art A Farce?

    Is Art A Farce?

    Inspired by revolution, politics, and social change, artists in the 19th and early 20th centuries began to question traditional artistic values and norms. What this resulted in was a purposeful rejection of craft, tradition, religion, Western culture, monarchy, elitism, style, fashion, and other things that had propped art up over the previous 1000 years. The […]

  • David Bowie Portrait

    David Bowie Portrait

    What would local and alternative currencies look like if they were designed and produced like real banknotes? I decided to see by ‘upgrading’ the design of the UK’s best known alternative local currencies, the Brixton Pound. This design experiment came from talking to the designers of the Brixton Pound, who did everything they could to […]