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  • When Will Coins And Banknotes Be Phased Out?

    When Will Coins And Banknotes Be Phased Out?

    As could be predicted, banknotes and coins will probably lose their purpose once we have fully adopted some form of Cryptocurrency. This will happen in stages. First we will move from a fiat-based money system to an asset-backed money system. The asset-backed money system will most likely be based on Gold, but this will ironically […]

  • David Bowie Portrait

    David Bowie Portrait

    What would local and alternative currencies look like if they were designed and produced like real banknotes? I decided to see by ‘upgrading’ the design of the UK’s best known alternative local currencies, the Brixton Pound. This design experiment came from talking to the designers of the Brixton Pound, who did everything they could to […]

  • Single Millennial Musings On Real Estate Ownership

    Single Millennial Musings On Real Estate Ownership

    [All figures are in Pound Sterling, GBP – figures may differ elsewhere] A standard, comfortable family home costs around £400,000. There is cheaper to be found in the UK, but how comfortable, and in what kind of suburb? A 400k buys a standard home that can comfortably accommodate a family unit, in a safe and […]

  • Leveraged Trading Best Practices

    Leveraged Trading Best Practices

    1 Trading Truths 2 Competent, Constant, Complete, Conscious, Collective Analysis 3 Practice Conviction Outside of Trading 4 Know What Action Loses Money 5 Know What Action Makes Money 1 Trading Truths I. Analysis doesn’t make money. Only good execution makes money. II. The magic that turns good analysis into profit is CONVICTION. III. CONVICTION = […]