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  • LOL: The Laws Of Luxury Part I

    LOL: The Laws Of Luxury Part I

    Luxury is being redefined by unprecedented socioeconomic change. The classical view of luxury seems to be fragile in the face of new technologies and aspirations. Complex polarities are emerging between demographics, with each demanding their own personalized, bespoke experience. What of ‘luxury’ is reliably unchanging, and what is emergent that brands can take advantage of? […]

  • David Bowie Portrait

    David Bowie Portrait

    What would local and alternative currencies look like if they were designed and produced like real banknotes? I decided to see by ‘upgrading’ the design of the UK’s best known alternative local currencies, the Brixton Pound. This design experiment came from talking to the designers of the Brixton Pound, who did everything they could to […]

  • A Brief History Of A Blockchain Artist

    A Brief History Of A Blockchain Artist

    My art is influenced by my experience in security document production. In other words, the designing and printing of banknotes. This experience gave me the technical understanding of banknote production, unlocking the language of money design which I use to express my ideas. My relatively short time (2 years) in a ‘money factory’ didn’’t come […]

  • Current Trends And Methods In Banknote Design

    Tom Badley is an artist, designer and writer. He has worked on projects for countries in Central America, South America, and Eastern Europe, and upgrades for nations of Central Asia, Europe and Africa. As well as security print design, Tom Badley also lectures and writes articles on topics spanning art, design, critical theory, philosophy and […]

  • The Arabian Arctic Authority

    As the poles migrate, the new equator will migrate also. The final destination is not certain, but best guesses indicate that the new equator will run past Spain, UK, Norway, over Russia, past Alaska, down through the Pacific, bisect Antarctica, and back up through the Atlantic. This would put the new North pole in the […]

  • One Hundred Pounds Sterling

    I’m not currently living in the United Kingdom, but I take the pulse of the UK mainstream media every so often, just to check if its still alive. I see only debilitating messages from the liberal media. The intelligent person has to wonder, exactly whose side is the media on? I know that bad news […]

  • Local_Currencies For Dummies Part 2

    In part I, entitled ‘Independent Currencies for Dummies’, I offered a brief overview of the Local Currency sphere. And being a follower of all kinds of economic and social forecasting, I added my view on the FUTURE of Local currencies_—_a future that I consider to be very positive. Now in Part II, I’m going to […]

  • Local_Currencies For Dummies Part 1_

    As Local Currencies are gaining momentum, there’s an increasing amount of resources available for aspiring currency projects. To add to that body of knowledge, I’ve decided to write a ‘For Dummies’ elaboration on Local Currencies. What can I offer that’s new? Well, as a banknote designer, I can offer an insight into the design motivations […]

  • After The Civil War 2.0: America’s New Dollar

    I think America needs an honest discourse with itself; this is the greatest country in the world, by default. But we could actually be the greatest country that ever existed, if we were just honest about who we are and what we are and where we want to go… – Dave Chappelle, comedian I’m not […]

  • Declare Independence

    Inspired by Bjork’s song, Declare Independence, this design features a portrait of the singer and song lyrics. This is my first note design to feature paint swirls, which gives it a Pop Art feel, taking the edge of the transgressive sentiment of the song. They’re not actual paint swirls, but Illustrator-generated patterns that come from […]